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US has been ruining Somalia for generations


Jesse Walker, managing editor of Reason magazine, discusses the problem of Somalia-based piracy, the impracticality of a military defense against quick-attack pirates along a 2000 mile coastline, the disastrous history of international aid endeavors in Somalia and how market forces may prompt shippers to use alternate routes or private armed security.

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Jesse Walker is the author of Rebels on the Air: An Alternative History of Radio in America and the managing editor of Reason magazine and

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  1. I don’t buy the MSM bilge about these Somali “pirates”. These “piratings” are merely parts of an integrated strategy to bottle up middle east and central asian resources, diverting them through planned pipeline routes to Israel.

    The United States and Israel have been heavily involved in the horn of Africa (Sudan/Somalia/Darfur) for years, and it is logical to conclude that these pirate operations could not have been successful in interdicting shipping headed to and from the Suez Canal without satellite imagery and shipping schedules. These operations have resulted in the disruption of this strategic waterway, threatening the oil supply routes to the world.

    As far as I’m concerned…and this is the kicker…these “pirates” are nothing more than part of a puzzle, a plan creating a exclusion ring around the resources in the middle east and central asia, as outlined by the PNAC, a plan to divert the flow of oil & NG to Israel (Haifa) away from Russia and China. A great defensive circle around the grand prize. I believe if Dick Cheney’s energy task force minutes ever see the light of day, this plan/strategy would become clear.

    All one has to do is look at a map to see how seemingly disparate parts of the puzzle fit together to give one a clear coherent picture, a chain of events and policy outcomes stemming from the looting of the FSB, 911, leading up to this very day:

    Beyond the pirates, other parts of the puzzle (exclusion ring) include: the “missle shield” threatenng Russia and Iran, strategically stationed in eastern Europe; the NGO color-coded “revolutions” in Poland, Georgia, the Ukraine, etc…with the Ukraine being able to block NG flows to western Europe; the Georgian attack on South Ossetia, meant to bottle up Russian and Iran’s southern access to central asia; the so-called “war on terror” stemming from that neocon miracle 911, inflaming all of muslim, oil-rich middle east and central asia; Israel about to bomb Iran any second, closing the strategic Strait of Hormuz (Iranian oil); with Pakistan now being torn apart from within and without; India, hoping to get water and oil from Kashmir and central asia, being subjected to a “terrorist” attack in Mumbai, and now facing a nuclear confrontation with Pakistan and its erstwhile ally China…all of these puzzle parts makes one conclude that there are forces at work, threatening to cut oil and NG off to the world, China and Russia, except through oil and NG routes friendly to the west, notably one terminal located in Haifa, Israel.

    When you integrate these events, it becomes clear who has really benefited from this whole “war on terror” since the 911 attacks. But we don’t want to look at 911 and the forces that were unleashed that day that now are enslaving us, that have reduced our country to 3rd world status, that have resulted in people like Jane Harman running our intelligence apparatus, who authored HR 1955, the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007; an act that will be used to round up anyone who opposes the plan outlined above.

  2. in the last minute of this interview, walker implies that people who advocate nuking somalia because of the pirating would be wrong because there are alot of (innocent) people living there. so in other words, nuking it would be acceptable if it were an ecosystem that does not support much human habitation? how about because you don’t need to pollute my planet with long-lived nuclear wastes that never occurred much before mankind synthesized nuclear materials. they will eventually trickle down into everyone’s food supply. this is no way to talk about war.

  3. Scott …
    I was waiting for you or Mr. Walker to raise the issue of “fishing piracy” off the Somali coast by fishing fleets from much of Europe, as well as Russian, Norwegian and many other nations.

    At least that’s the claim by Mohamed Abshir Waldo, a consultant and analyst. He is Kenyan of Somali origin. He wrote a piece in January titled β€œThe Two Piracies in Somalia: Why the World Ignores the Other?”

    He claims in an interview on Democracy Now! that formal Somali complaints to the UN and the European Union have brought no response … the result being the “other piracy”. I would have liked to have heard Mr. Walker’s take on this claim.
    Here’s the DN interview:

  4. Yeah, I meant to bring up the fish poaching and waste dumping, but ran out of time. I’ll be talking with Chris Floyd about Somalia this week and will make sure to get to that.

  5. From an article in the Independent, dated 4-12-09

    “… More than $300m-worth of tuna, shrimp, and lobster are being stolen every year by illegal trawlers. The local fishermen are now starving.”

    ” … Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, the UN envoy to Somalia, tells me: “Somebody is dumping nuclear material here. There is also lead, and heavy metals such as cadmium and mercury – you name it.” Much of it can be traced back to European hospitals and factories, who seem to be passing it on to the Italian mafia to “dispose” of cheaply.”

    Ah yes, the Camorra … now exposed in a theater near you in the heavy-duty film “Gomorrah”.

    The entire article:

    Thanks Scott.

  6. James,

    I saw this article before and its author’s romanticizing what the pirates (former Somali anglers) are doing actually will put us Somalis more into trouble. Let me explain what I mean by that – the pirates’ action would only give the excuses foreigners with bigger guns (i.e. NATO and associates) are looking for in order them to come to our shores – these, then, will protect the very ones (Europeans or the otherwise) who are currently stealing our maritime resources illegally.

    Moreover, unfortunately, they (the foreigners with the bigger guns) will not stop there, and – they will even go further to meddle into our day-to-day affairs – and that (as they say) is not cool! As it is, we are already fucked-up, and – there is need to attract others to fuck us further up – we can do that by ourselves.

    The intelligent thing Somali anglers need to do, is to go back to do what they know how to do, stop wasting their time in running after short-term gains, and – leave piracy for those (foreigners) who know how to do it. Anything shorter than that, from where I sit, is – as playing right into what the enemy wants them to do. πŸ™

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