Eric Margolis

The US is addicted to imperialism


Eric Margolis, author of American Raj: Liberation or Domination, discusses the causes of instability in Pakistan, the unrealistic expectations the U.S. places on its puppet governments, the Taliban’s inability to fill the Pakistan power vacuum and why the U.S. can’t resist the lure of imperialism.

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Eric Margolis is a regular columnist with the Quebecor Media Company and a contributor to The Huffington Post. He is the author of War at the Top of the World: The Struggle for Afghanistan, Kashmir and Tibet.

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  1. Will we ever just mind our own damn business? Which, of course, would benefit the average American as much as anyone else…Anyone with common sense can see that the Taliban were involved in a civil war in afghanistan that had nothing to do with us..And if we had treated this more as a crime investigation ( than a right to invade and occupy those we had hoped to anyway ) then OBL would have been hung by now..And there would be some finality to all this in the minds of the american people-which, I would argue, is exactly what some DO NOT WANT…
    Incredible, so skilled are the mattoids at propaganda that they can take any poor people ( Serbs, Panamanian dictators, etc. ) any make them seem like threats to the american people….And how few Americans even wonder, ” hmm, they have no planes, no navy and there 10,000 miles away…so how are they a threat???!!”
    Even senators, people like Philip Giraldi were pointing out how all the pre-Iraq invasion “intell” was bullshit..but Mrs Clinton and Daschle and Biden voted to give Bush authorization to invade..Which is akin to giving a 17-year old a case of beer and a Corvette..Which, by the way is part of Bush’s biography…

  2. The real problem is the ignorant people in the Pentagon who still believe it´s possible to make a disarming and unanswerable first-strike capability presumably for blackmail purposes only. However, the Russians are likely to answer by implementing Launch On Warning. A First-Strike Capability won´t be complete without the missiles in Poland to shoot down any surviving Russian missiles. According to Bob US Navy can track and destroy all enemy submarines simultaneously. Minuteman-3s and Trident-2 D5s linked to NAVSTAR obtain a CEP of 30-40 metres, enough to destroy any hard target.
    The Trident missile engineer Bob Aldridge resigned because a disarming and unanswerable first-strike capability is suicidal.

  3. Brigadier Harbottle said when referring to the people in the Pentagon striving to achieve a disarming and unanswerable first-strike capability, “Bloody fools in the Pentagon, bloody fools.” Brigadier Harbottle was also referring to the fact that some of these First Strike NUTS in the Pentagon didn´t believe in the Nuclear Winter Report either. Indeed, Bloody Fools In The Pentagon, as the Brigadier stated because a First-Strike Capability inevitably leads to Launch On Warning and suicide by accident.

  4. First-Strike people in the Pentagon : Learn from the Trident missile engineer Robert C. Aldridge : RESIGN !!! Former Chief of US Air Force Missile Defense Dr Bob Bowman agrees that a first-strike capability is suicidal. You don´t need a CEP of 30-40 metres to hit a city. What is the US defense against Launch On Warning ? How to respond to some accident, maybe involving several missiles ? Placing the missiles in Eastern Poland we are in deep water. I take it for granted that with Launch On Warning it´s only a question of time before some accident happens. That´s committing suicide for being brainwashed by the propaganda, for not knowing the facts about the Pentagon´s strategy for Nuclear War. As Professor J. Edward Anderson stated, “Nuclear War Means First Strike”. The new missile SS-24 won´t change that according to Bob Aldridge. We could have grown some 4 billion years more but with First-Strike Capability and Launch On Warning we are doomed.

  5. A friend told me, “It´s not a big problem because the Russians use American computers too.” And they never fail ?

  6. “And if we had treated this more as a crime investigation … then OBL would have been hung by now.”

    Quite true. The Taliban were willing to extradite him, before the invasion, but wanted the equivalent of an extradition hearing. With a bit of patience, we could have had him extradited to Pakistan, say, tried and hanged there. But it wouldn’t have looked cool on TV, it wouldn’t have pleased Bush’s vanity, etc.

    Lester Ness

  7. Margolis notes Hillary Clinton’s absurd exaggeration of the threat, but does not specifically quote her war inducing use of the term “existential threat”.

    This tossing around of the claim of some “existential threat” from Iran, and now Taliban in Pakistan (getting the bomb) is absurd, and has grown from Cheney and Olmert’s initial lunacy now to Clinton and Netanyahu’s even more certifiable lunacy.

    It seems like repeating the term “existential threat” often enough is being used as the same kind of propagandist pro-war baiting and scare tactic on people as numb-nuts Bush’s threatening of the US people with the totally unsubstantiated claim that Saddam had WMDs, and that the next smoking gun would be a “mushroom cloud”.

    There has never been any real “existential threat” except the US and Soviet Empires entering a multi-thousand warhead thermo-nuclear war. Which, thank god, we avoided.

    This talk and continually expanding use of the ‘loaded scare term’ “existential threat” is itself the only catalyst to a possible post-cold war ‘existential threat’ again arising if the US and Israel are insane enough with their conspiratorial global ‘corporate financial fascist Empire’ to set off a 21st century WWIII by intentionally promoting a false-flagged war in the Middle East oil territories of their Empire.

  8. The first strike nuts are the progeny of Schleiffen and the von Moltke clan of the Prussian general staff, their French and Russian counter parts as well. Brtian being a maritime power was not so sanguine.

    The US aspires to be Britain and France rolled into one, even though the Prussian general staff are all running profitable businesses.

    First strike and related machinations are the career and job security of the general staffs.

    The careers lasted until 1991 then 2001 they found Bush II and the GWOT.

    Now they find a reason for a Schleiffen plan against the Taliban and related small tribe mountin guerillas.

    The star wars missiles in Poland will suffer reliability and operational faults and never shoot anything in the unlikely evebnt they were cued.

    Planning for maniac offenses in peace time is the grist of the war machine mills.

    Wasting the opportunity and the bright minds is real and has hurt the US.

  9. Secretary Weinberger stated on public TV, “The US aims to achieve a first-strike capability.” Professor J. Edward Anderson wrote a 4-page article about it in Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. Minuteman-3s (with MX´ warhead) and Trident-2 D5s linked to Navstar obtain a CEP of 30-40 metres. So, the missiles in Poland don´t have to be very effective to in reality being very effective as Minuteman-3s and D5s take care of almost everything, maybe everything. And with Anti-Submarine Warfare perfected, the rest is blackmail or Nuclear War. But just to be sure they want the missiles in Eastern Poland. The Trident missile engineer Bob realized this will lead to Launch On Warning and suicide by accident and resigned.

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