George McGovern

Get out of Iraq now, not later


Former senator George McGovern discusses the danger to the U.S. in continuing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, why the damage to Iraq is already done and can’t be fixed by the U.S., Eisenhower ended the Korean war as promised, the lessons he learned flying a B-24 in World War II, the extraordinary cost of maintaining a world empire and the difficulty of unraveling the influence of the permanent warfare economy.

MP3 here. (15:00)

George McGovern is a former senator and presidential candidate.

3 thoughts on “George McGovern”

  1. It would have been interesting to enquire McGovern’s view on Ron Paul re. the war, military-industrial complex, empire etc., but of course you cannot do that in this radio interview, I understand very well. I think without a doubt McGovern would say and admit that his foreign policy is much much closer, if not similar to that of Ron Paul than to the person he endorsed and voted for and is the president now.

    Scott, it should be noted that Nixon was a Quacker and of course he made many mistakes, also financially, going off the gold standard etc. but he was also not so bad really. The people behind him like Kissinger were the ones witht he terrible decisions and controlled the whole thing. Buchanan also worked for Nixon. I do not think under Nixon the neocons would have had nearly the influence than they had under Bush 1 and especially 2. I also think that had Al Gore won in 2000, he would also have continued Clinton’s policy of bombing Iraq and may as well also invaded Iraq. Remember he critisized Bush the candidate for being too passive, e.g. non-interventionist….

    It would also be interesting to know whether he would have changed some economic views. Paul referred to McGovern in his book “The Revolution – a Manifesto” about McGovern’s experience after out of the senate in business with all the bureocratic regulations then already. We know he is against the so called “Employe Free CHoice Act” that the new administration accepted. But I know this wite is solely about foreign policy. It is good that you get different voices. McGovern sounds like a nice and sincere man and still very up to date in his age. He is one of the true honest sincere liberals (like Gore Vidal). If only Obama would have been like him, it would have been much better (for a libertarian perspective).

  2. Great words from someone of the New Left. It’s too bad the Old Left now rules the Democrat Party (i.e Neo-Conservatives) but I wish more liberals would listen to McGovern.

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