Scott Horton Interviews Andy Behlen

Scott Horton, April 30, 2009

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Andy Behlen, philosophy student at St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX, discusses his class project Website devoted to exposing and preventing torture.

MP3 here. (7:55)

Andy Behlen’s website is

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  1. So, who is this Liz Hasselbeck ditz on the View anyway? Is it true that she parlayed a spot on Survivor into a spot on that show to extend her 15 mins of fame?
    ” This is just Keith trying to butt in to draw attention to one invited Keith into the conversation…” How incredibly assinine..So, let me see if I’ve got this straight: Sean Hannity was having a PRIVATE conversation on his Fox show with ( who was that Charles Grogan ? ) in front of maybe 10 million people..Yes, entirely a PRIVATE conversation..
    Well, Miss Hasselbeck-Republican Fembot-this isn’t about Keith..Except insofar as Keith did offer to give $1,000 to the families of our soldiers for every second that Hannity can tolerate being waterboarded ( which Hannity doesn’t believe to be torture anyway )..
    But Cowardly Sean SAID THAT HE WOULD AGREE TO BE WATERBOARDED FOR CHARITY..So, Keith took the neo-con fellow-traveling scumbag up on his offer..So, stop warbling about the money Sean raises at his “Freedom” concerts and let the manatee speak for himself!

  2. By the way; watch Keith Olbermann every night 8pm on MSNBC..You’ll laugh, maybe learn something and hurt Bill O’reilly all at the same time..As Homer Simpson would say; “it’s a win-win..!”

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