Gareth Porter

Empires tend to commit suicide


Gareth Porter, independent historian and journalist for Inter Press Service News Agency, discusses the connection between PNAC and the U.S. empire of bases, how beltway foreign policy advisers changed Obama’s antiwar rhetoric, the rumors of a U.S.-sponsored Iraqi coup d’etat to replace Nouri al-Maliki and the tendency of empires to enter costly military quagmires that bring their downfall.

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  1. Simply the best Gareth Porter interview, and one of the better analyses on USA Imperial Empire.

    Good to hear that your illusion of Obama as real change has subsided.

  2. Some empires do go out with a bang. The USSR flailed about in Afghanistan while the home front fell apart. The UK made her last bid in the Suez. As Nazi Germany crumbled Hitler tossed the dice again and again right up to the end of the war with attacks that had no chance of success.

    I’m not sure what the US will do, except that what is currently going on can not be sustained. Either the US empire has a soft implosion like the USSR and ends it dreams of world wide “nation building” or it becomes the next USSR in terms of economy and military matters as that’s the only way the US could support such dreams of expansion.

    I told the neocons I knew years ago that we either stop the foreign adventures or get ready to drive trabants, eat cabbage 3 meals a day, and work 14 hour shifts in a munitions factory.

    As for hope and change, it never was there. When Obama supporters started seeing Al-CIA-duh under every rock and suddenly fell in love with the military again, any illusion of anti-war/isolationist leanings should have died then and there.

    But it never was about peace or war. It was about D vs R for most of them. It reminds of a quote from a computer game I played a few years ago: “Alliances based upon hate rarely last that long.”

  3. The two parties have actually been one for sometime. What we are witnessing as repubs spiral out of control is actually the destruction of our two party system as we move into one world order and one party control. The dems and repubs no matter how they openly challenge each other actually use this for diversion as they move us forward into and America we will not recognize. This is all by design as the election of Obama was. The whole gov is so corrupt from top to bottom all the way to the cop on the beat to the president. Now that is the bad news the good news is. They will fail no matter how long it takes. in the end they will fail as all corrupt empire striving governments have. In the mean time we are in for some horrendous years until we the people have had enough of the pain and say no more.

  4. Northernlady5 speaks of the day when the people have had enough of the pain and says no more. She must be speaking of revolution; as the system is far too rigid to allow change. There is nobody to lead this second revolution nor does the system allow a leader to immerge.

  5. How does that saying go when the student is ready the teacher will appear.We need to NOT think black,white,Asian ,Muslim,Jew etc we need to unite because there are more of us than them.I would fight for the return of republican government but not go spill Iraqi and Afghan blood for no real objective


  6. Scott, it was one of the best interviews I’ve ever heard. You and Mr. Porter clarified the current state of affairs perfectly. The truth is this: America’s political-military-industrial ruling class is thoroughly corrupt and downright satanic. Since the time of our mercantilist dictator, “Father Abraham Lincoln,” America’s treacherous ruling class has done everything they possibly could to turn America into an imperialistic empire – all to satisfy their insatiable lust for ever more money and power. They succeeded magnificently. But in the process of creating the American empire; they trashed the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, they trashed what was the greatest economy in the world, they have put the American people trillions of dollars in debt and they have established a fascist police state. My question is this: when are the American people going to wake up and say; “Enough is enough! We’re madder than hell and we’re not going to take this anymore!” Very soon now, the American people will start to realize why the 2nd Amendment was placed in the Constitution by the Founders. Recall the words of Patrick Henry; “Give me liberty or give me death!” For liberty-loving Americans, the profound truth of those words has not changed one iota since the day that he spoke them.

  7. Thank you Scott,
    As always, another informative interview with Gareth Porter.
    It’s more than unfortunate to realize that American Foreign Policy will never change due to sound reasoning..that it literally takes a financial melt down and/or depression to kill funding for our interventionist ways…but even this probably wouldn’t help…the US always finds ways to access money to fund its empire at the expense of its citizenry, it’s economy, the quality of its society ad infinitum….

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