Philip Weiss

What’s the Jane Harman scandal all about?


Investigative journalist Philip Weiss discusses all the implications of the Jane Harman wiretap story the MSM hasn’t run with yet, the evidence of Israeli attempts to dominate U.S. policy decisions on Iran to start a war, the J Street lobby’s moderating influence and how Israeli leaders are oblivious of the political re-evaluation of Israel by American Jews.

MP3 here. (25:46)

Philip Weiss is an investigative journalist who has written for The Nation, New York Times Magazine, The American Conservative, Jewish World Review and other publications. He is the author of American Taboo : A Murder in the Peace Corps and writes the blog “Mondoweiss“.

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  1. Another great interview, Scott. Thanks for keeping the AIPAC spy scandal story alive.

    For a slightly different angle on this story, check out Jeff Gates’ article, “Jane Harman and Haim Saban—Their Treason May Not Be What You Think,” at .

  2. A big thanks to Scott and to Philip Weiss for an informative interview on a story that most of the mainstream press won’t delve into very deeply for fear of what it may expose.
    May I respectfully suggest this 2005 article, “Scandalized: Neocons and the Jewish and Turkish lobbies”, which links the spy scandals with Turkey:

    Since that time, much more on the Turkish connection to spy scandals has been published on

  3. Sadly this will only enhance Harman’s power. Congress is used to just holding their nose and supporting the AIPAC side even when ugly issues like this come up. And the media makes that so easy.

  4. Here’s a handshake over the miles to Philip Weiss.

    That scumbag Jane (“This conversation doesn’t exist”) Harman ought to get the hell over to Tel Aviv–and stay there. The Israelis were undoubtedly hoping to use her as a “mole” within the U.S. Government.

    She can take “Zionist Joe” LIEberman with her.

  5. Scott, hate to tell you this, but after the neocon political victory of lying us into the Iraq war in the fall of 2002, and then after watching that cunt Dan Senor’s smug press conferences from Baghdad–as if the world needed any more proof that Iraq had just been invaded by Israel–I started to have antisemitic ideas. It’s like, gee so sorry, but what can you do? I wish I could share your concept of, hey race or whatever Judaism is doesn’t matter, it’s all just individuals with their own personal political beliefs who can be persuaded that the US shouldn’t be taking sides in this conflict, but I don’t really think you can go there with a straight face anymore. Except for Phil Weiss, the exception who proves the rule, they’re lockstep for entangling us in their evil apartheid system, dominating our politics, robbing us blind, and rubbing our faces in it. So fuck ’em. At this point, antisemitism is a very reasonable position. I think probably most reasonable people agree, but since all the reliable political commentators aren’t anonymous, even politically incorrect libertarians have to pay homage to mandatory rainbow diversity rhetoric when it comes to this problem.

  6. Let us get something straight here, Israel, has not one iota of legitimate sovereignty over the West Bank, Gaza OR Jerusalem.

  7. A great interview!

    AIPAC does a great disservice to Jews as it feeds the anti-semitic belief that their main loyalties lie with Israel, rather than with their home country -and even at the expense of their home country. I wish J Street and Philip Weiss lots of luck, as it discredit this dangerous belief. Contrary to Scott I think anti-semitism is on the rise, but something can still be done about it.

  8. Ooops, I used the "J" word…I must be moderated..Or Hate Crime prosecuted, that'll be next…And look at their hypocrisy…They used terrorism ( and massacres, ethnic cleansing, assassinations ) to create Israel but now when unseemly tactics are used against them in response? Oh, that's terrible! Reprehensible! Or look at who killed the Czar, ran the NKVD Secret Police and the gulags…Yup, them..They killed 20 million people before Hitler built his first camp..But, you'll never hear much about the Christian holocaust in Eastern and Central Europe..And don't give any of your crap, Fr. Dennis Fahey and Count Leon DePoncins provided a very long list of the most important bolsheviks; their real names and their Russified names..Thank god the revolution went against them..They're still sore about that which is why the "neo-cons" hate Russia so much and have set up shop in Georgia..Which is why John " We're all Georgians now" McCain was on board for that one..

  9. Or Sheba Farms ( Lebanon ) or the Golan Heights ( Syria )….but in the last 8 yrs we’ve become just like Israel..1. we occupy other countries…2. we torture people..3. assassination of other leaders become quasi-official policy…4. we routinely abuse the people we occupy..

  10. This was … may we say, sooo “sanitary”?

    U huh. Thus: in order that “anything could change in the U.S.”, the 95% of the “ordinary” citizens of this country “must” first get on the better side of most of the “chosen” 5%.

    Yeah, right.

  11. Well if it’s true that the Sunnis are “off the reservation” again then I can start respecting them again….No one could possibly be satisfied as a Vichy/Quisling-type indefinitely…Afghan and Iraq belong to other people-we have to give them back….”Now that you shit on my carpet, please leave Uncle Sam..”

  12. Interesting what The Legendary Bill says: “They’re still sore”. Yes, the shrewd Georgian, to his credit, did masterfully outfox “them”. This is how Lev Davidovich Bronstein got the boot followed by that famous ice pick. It is funny how this clash then projected into a bogus “theoretical” sphere (in the underdeveloped minds of mutually opposing “revolutionaries” in this country, “III vs. IV International” :-)). But it is not surprising that the present “neocons” are “former” Trotskyites to the hilt, sore as ever indeed.

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