Mark Manning

Open communication makes peace possible


Documentary filmmaker Mark Manning discusses his film The Road to Fallujah, the events leading up to the 2004 murders of Blackwater contract employees in Fallujah, the terrible toll collective punishment takes on civilians and how open dialogue makes peace possible.

MP3 here. (31:10)

Mark Manning is currently involved in multiple film projects that intend to connect people to their common humanity, bridge divides and find common ground by factual and truth based presentations of issues. He is currently in two joint productions with Iraqi filmmakers, in development on a feature film, and is in post-production on a feature documentary that takes an in-depth introspective look at the American culture and people in a post-911 environment.

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  1. Why should we respect the military grunts doing what they’re told, if what they’re told to do is stupid? They’re not doing anything that benefits the U.S., so why should they command respect? They deserve no consideration one way or the other. And one can question the intelligence of someone who would put his life at stake for stupid leaders. Though, given that U.S. leaders have pushed the economy to such a state that taking a life-risking job is the only alternative, grunts may be excused for making such a decision.

    I had to laugh that Manning thinks it is conceivable that any U.S. leader could be “culturally sensitive.”

    Yep, collective punishment is such a great idea for the Israelis that it is inevitable they would convince their U.S. puppet to ape it. IIRC, it’s also a war crime, but I could be wrong about that.

    Thanks to Manning for trying to get the truth out and I’ll definitely see the film.

    The humanitarian workers in Iraq from Gorilla Guides, some of whom are domestic and some foreign, sometimes comment at firedoglake. They often made the point that the Irakis would get rid of AGI in an eyeblink if the U.S. got the hell out.

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