Mark Ames

Georgia’s collapse and PR blitz


Mark Ames, journalist for The Nation and eXiled Online, discusses recent history leading up to the current mess in former Soviet Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili’s downward spiral, the broken Georgian economy, rumors that U.S. advisers participated to some extent in Georgia’s invastion of S. Ossetia last summer, Georgia’s relationship with Israel and America’s relationship with Russia.

MP3 here. (22:50)

Mark Ames is the author of Going Postal: Rage, Murder and Rebellion From Reagan’s Workplaces to Clinton’s Columbine and Beyond (Soft Skull) and The eXile: Sex, Drugs and Libel in the New Russia (Grove). He is a regular contributor to eXiled Online and The Nation magazine.

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  1. SackOfShitvili “like a Putin”???

    WTF are you smoking? Putin is a fucking patriot, a mastermind, the man Russia NEEDED when it was down and almost out. Putin brought Russia from the brink of disaster to regaining it’s place as a world power – and he did it WITHOUT invading other countries, killing millions of innocents, and creating an empire of foreign military bases – unlike the United Snakes. Get a fucking grip on reality.

    SackOfShitvili is a fucking whack job. Russia was remarkably magnanimous in not taking this slime out when they had the chance. Next time he won’t be so lucky.

    And it was NOT a “five day war”: even with United Snakes and Zionist Occupied Palestine training and so-called modern armaments, the “war” was over in FOUR hours, with Russia committing less than one half of one percent of it’s ground forces. Talk about a Wake-up call for the Snakes: next time the United Snakes starts another “war” in Georgia, they are going to get the mother of all wake-up calls…

  2. Everybody’s a critic.

    Since when did become a smiley-faced, politically correct, sanitized for the tender sensibilities of the benighted US sheople? – like those vile pinheads at DailyKos and HuffPo???

    Words are not profane, they are language. Acts, on the other hand…

  3. Sakashvilli was compared to Putin in the sense that he is also a proponent of crony capitalism (corporatism). That is certainly true. When it comes to their economic systems Georgia and Russia are very much alike.

  4. According to former Trident missile engineer Bob Pentagon aims to achieve a disarming and unanswerable first-strike capability. And according to Bob Aldridge the US Navy can track and destroy all enemy submarines. Please see the article by Keir Lieber and daryl Press, “The Rise of US Nuclear Primacy” in the 2006 March/April issue of Foreign Affairs. Minuteman-3s and Trident-2 D5s linked to NAVSTAR obtain a CEP of 30-40 metres, enough to destroy any hard target. A First-Strike Capability won´t be complete without the missiles in Poland to shoot down any surviving Russian missiles. Even if it´s only for blackmail, the Russians may have no choice but implementing Launch On Warning.

  5. Duncan is the only guy here who said it like it is. Ames tends to criticize Putin in a bizarre way, even though Putin hasn’t invaded foreign countries or destabilized the world, and he did save his country from ruin. Ames decided to live in Russia and insult Russians, their culture, and their leaders through his Exile magazine. He was then surprised and upset when the Russians kicked him out of their country.

  6. I also tend to agree with Duncan.

    In retaliating against Georgian aggression, the Russians probably prevented Israel using the place as a waystop for planes on their way to Iran. Without Sackofshitvili’s stupid aggression and the Russian response, we’d probably be seeing an escalating Middle East conflict now, with the Iranians in Iraq and triggering murderous uprisings against the illegal US occupation.

  7. Damn straight, Duncan! You employ a freedom of language that has its place. Obscenities and profanities, judiciously used, add power to one’s expression. You’ve clearly mastered this essential skill.

    Piss on Sackofshitvili. He invaded South Ossetia last year, and the Russians spanked his ass. If he gets out of line again, I hope they blow his shit away.

    Mr. Burns, your point about Israel using Georgian airspace is well taken. We can be grateful to Russia for preventing that.

  8. Zionist Occupied Palestine tried to use Georgia as a launching pad, you guys are damn right about that! That was the whole gambit of the that brain-dead chess move. Did they really think Russia would just Cower to the likes of a tie-chewing ignorant psychopath who had nothing more than political – and, of course, corporate (Zionist) media backing???

    This brings to mind another thing i have felt for the past 20+ years: Zionist Occupied Palestine has been Allowed to possess nukes – not because the US Zionist (pre-dominant) faction has a stranglehold – which they certainly do – on the Imbeciles that make up the two-headed war party, but because the overall strategy of having an “unknown” wild card in the form of a genocidal, and frankly DISEASED, Israhell “ally”, outside of the NPT’s control and thus outside of any so-called nuclear “treaties”, affords the United Snakes a partner in a first strike on Russia.

    Make no mistake: Russia KNOWS this. In the event of US provocation Russian Topol M’s will hit Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Dimona, 5-6 minutes before they vaporize Washington, the east coast, the west coast, and that corporate abomination sinkhole of tens of billions of dollars in “black ops” in Alaska.

    Russia has, from day one, planned for a United Snakes first strike – to their mind (and to mine – and anyone else who has even the most vacant sense of history) – there is simply no question of IF it will happen, but WHEN it will happen. And they have prepared accordingly. Almost every launch vehicle in Russia is Mobile and they have a Launch On Warning protocol…at the COMMANDER level.

    As great as the US military machine might be, i’ll bet the ranch on Russia.

  9. Mark Ames is a loser, a man who could not find any american to date moved to russia and got excited about exploiting 5$ an hour Russian whores LOL.

  10. Mark stick to writing about fucking Russian prositutes and how exciting it is for a loser from America who was rejected by all women there can now get laid in a poor, misarable country. If I were you I would stick to writing about whores and "dangerous" life in Russia loser. Stay away from politics as you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about. Putin is a murderous scum who has caused genocide in Chechnya you dumb fuck how can you comapre him to Saakashvili.

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