Chalmers Johnson

Tracking the Fall of the Empire


Chalmers Johnson, author of the indispensable Blowback trilogy, discusses the evolution of his view of the Cold War and American empire since the fall of the Soviet Union, the inevitable collapse of the U.S. dollar and world empire, Obama’s LBJ guns and butter trap, the kicking-out of the empire by the people of Latin America, the danger of further intervention in Pakistan, the ongoing rape of Okinawa and America’s relationship with Russia.

MP3 here. (39:23)

Chalmers Johnson is the author of Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire, The Sorrows of Empire: Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic and Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic.

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  1. Why is these guys feel obliged to say they “voted” for Barack Obama? And then list the non-sensical reasons to support him – like the great mythical “health care for all”; and the reduction of “gases” that produce “global warming” (or something like that da)?

    Obama, at bottom has continued the Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Bush legacy. Headlines yesterday read that Obama is at offs with Israel’s Netanyahu over to have or not have a two state solution to I/P. This is a tragic joke. It’s the “you play this way, I’ll play it that” and we go NOWHERE, but appease the home front with how we’re standing up to….

  2. “they couldn’t live without a ‘threat'”

    “end of the Cold War”

    But one should consider the greater picture, the WHOLE chessboard as it were, that Russia simply DECIDED that the Soviet experiment had run it’s course and the time had arrived to restructure and re-invent the motherland. That is what I would have done in the face of a lunatic United Snakes that was CLEARLY bent on world domination and a nuclear confrontation.

    “the rest of the world against you”

    Well yeah, the slaves Will revolt in the end.

    “he’s (Obama) a very well-informed man”

    ????????? Huh??? WTF r u smoking??? Obama is an AIRHEAD, a BUFFOON, an ignoramus on the order of The Shrub. Oh, but let’s not forget: he has Colgate-whiteness scale teeth.

    “what is it like to be a citizen of Okinawa?”

    Imagine YOUR children RAPED and KILLED before your eyes, and having “your” government say ” these are isolated cases, America is our ‘friend”???

    As for the NATO “hangover” re Russia: take a good long look at Georgia…they were WIPED OUT – even with US and Israeli training and equipment – by LESS than ONE HALF OF ONE PER CENT of Russia’s ground forces in LESS than FOUR HOURS. Not “five days”. Four hours. Four hours. Remember that.

    Yes, the US overall has the “greatest” military, but occupying some shithole submarine base in Sicily or South Korea might seem strategically important, it’s a waste of time.

    Here are the real facts: Russia CAN fend off a nuclear first strike, with S300 and S400 systems, AND they have about two hundred CITY-sized shelters to fall back to…the US has 2 or 3, and they are reserved for the Zionist vermin who brought you to this precipice.

    It’s too bad there isn’t a “credit default swap” for a lame-brained American assault on Russia, and the Russian victory that would soon (inevitably) follow: i’d bet my ranch on it.

  3. Max, Of COURSE Obama has continued the Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Bush legacy –
    we really have a One-Party system here in the US – there is so little difference between the Demopublicans and the Republicrats, it’s often impossible to tell them apart without lifting the little flap and looking at the label (R) (D) underneath, as you would washing instructions on some garments.

    It’s been said that “If voting actually worked, it’d be illegal”. The System is rigged
    so that no truely-alternative, viable candidate will ever be permitted to take the Oval Office, because TPTB (The Powers That Be) have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo at all costs. You can sail into Offive under a banner of promising change, but if you *really* MEANT it, TPTB who vet the candidates would never allow them to take power. And if by some freak chance Americans actually woke up, saw that TPTB have been using the classic divide and conquer strategy with such great success for so long against us common folk, and actually voted with an overwhelming majority for a candidate like say, Ron Paul, I’d be in fear for that candidate’s life, because I believe TPTB are not above “suiciding” anyone who represents a real threat to the status quo.

  4. what really rips me is that each of these guys (and there are some really smart folks) feel the need to preface what they say with “I voted for Obama”. It’s like I have “black friends” or some kind of dumbass irrelevant caveat.

    Whether it’s Johnson or Bacevich (very bright guys) both know what Obama is; and yet they feel this compelling need to state who they voted for. Bacevich knew BEFORE he voted for what he was getting with Obama. He wrote about and he continues to. Overall good analysis. But this bull shit “I voted for Obama” is just as studid as the stolen Latin American slogan “Yes we can.”

  5. He is a CFR member and that’s all one needs to know, as long as white collar wealthy gangs are allowed to run the country we will continue to sink..The next president must start to break up and imprison these gangs..cfr,tri-laterals.etc…

  6. Scott:
    I would like to ask asked Chambers if the Afghans are intentional using drugs to undermine American society. I find it hard to believe there is no blowback from the Afghans in retaliation for Americas war.
    I don’t believe it was only Tye Stick that was being offered for sale to young soldiers in Vietnam. I have heard stores first hand of 20 year old kids with raging hormones in Saigon Cat Houses where drugs were readily available. I view these institutions as a thin disguise from their true function, which was most likely a Viet Cong supported drug outlets. Young GIs had access to heroin so pure they needed only to in hail it. I suspect the Viet Cong found it more effective to get these kids hooked that to kill them. I have read stories dated during the Vietnam War that high grade heroin from South East Asia was so easily available and cheap, it effectively turned large parts of Harlem into a huge dead zone. Please ask Chambers Johnson on his next visit.

  7. Chalmers, and many other highly regarded geopolitical analysts can’t understand elements of our policy toward Russia. You can’t unless you go “conspiritard”, “deep politics” or “para-politics”, and that too is no guarantee.

  8. “Why is these guys feel obliged to say they “voted” for Barack Obama? And then list the non-sensical reasons to support him – like the great mythical “health care for all”; and the reduction of “gases” that produce “global warming” (or something like that da)?”

    Right. Establishment people appear in different colors and flavors. As for the sad state of awareness of a majority of current inhabitants of N. America (not a nation by any stretch), one merely has to observe the fact that they actually “vote”.

  9. Chalmers Johnson should stick to foreign policy and keep out of economics, which he seems completely stupid about. The RMB will not replace the USD in his lifetime. The Chinese economy is to the U.S. economy as the Chinese military is to the U.S. military, i.e. a small shadow.

    Yes, all empires fall, but it takes so long with the imbalance of power, that the empire thinks it’s doing all the right stuff.

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