Jeremy Scahill

Sadism still rules at Guantanamo


Independent journalist Jeremy Scahill discusses the continuous 18 year history of the U.S. bombing of Iraq, the Guantanamo Immediate Reaction Force (IRF) that brutalizes prisoners and even a U.S. soldier, Obama’s failure to improve detention facilities and how the Spanish Guantanamo torture investigation is proceeding apace while the U.S. dawdles.

MP3 here. (31:35)

Jeremy Scahill is the author of Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army. He is a frequent contributor to The Nation magazine, and more than a dozen other outlets including the national radio and TV program Democracy Now!

7 thoughts on “Jeremy Scahill”

  1. Scahill is one of the clearest thinking pollcy and on the ground journalist/analyists around (there are others like Chris Floyd comes to mind).

    Jeremy is the straightest thinker and voice I’ve come across. He’s unmerciful about crimes against humanity. And that is what we need. And it is that moral compass that seems to drives everything he says and does.

  2. We are worried about these so-called terrorists and there are super max prisons. I fear the unchecked return of the people capable of are performing these sadistic acts.

  3. That was the most disturbing podcast yet. I agree with anonymous. Are these IRF guys joining the police force when they return or gangs or what?

  4. During the Philippines counterinsurgency at the turn of the prior century, U.S. soldiers inserted bamboo tubes into prisoners throats, poured water in, then jumped on the prisoners stomachs. Sounds like IRF squads are right in line with the long history of U.S. military torture. It even sounds like the IRFs have learned from history, which would be pretty amazing for U.S.ians.

  5. Never fear.

    Barack Obama is here.

    The messiah of hope and change will save us from all this "messy" torture stuff.

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