Gordon Prather

How Bush Pushed North Korea to Nukes


Gordon Prather, former nuclear weapons physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, discusses the Russian influenced history of N. Korea’s nuclear program, broken U.S. promises in the 1994 Agreed Framework, the Bush administration shutdown of diplomatic relations with N. Korea and the current NPT/IAEA-free environment that facilitated a N. Korean nuclear weapon test.

MP3 here. (25:13)

Physicist James Gordon Prather has served as a policy implementing official for national security-related technical matters in the Federal Energy Agency, the Energy Research and Development Administration, the Department of Energy, the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the Department of the Army.

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  1. BTW, the U.S. is not abiding with the non-proliferation treaty. Article 5 (iirc) requires that nuclear bomb countries reduce their stockpiles, which the U.S. is not doing.

  2. This was a hard interview to follow – new subject for me.

    Main question to me is: how much of the foreign aid that the U.S. sends to N. Korea goes toward military stock?

    War is profit.

  3. Can you back up your claim with evidence, eCAHNomics? Because I’ve read articles (in Foreign Affairs, and either Orion or Scientific American) that refute what you’re saying. Nuclear weapons are difficult and expensive to maintain, and as our stockpiles have aged, some have been decommissioned rather than kept in the arsenal.

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