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The Young Americans for Liberty


Jeff Frazee, Executive Director of Young Americans for Liberty, discusses his attempt to build an inclusive youth organization that produces politicians in the mold of Ron Paul, the importance of a political education based on liberty and individual rights and how the Right is ripe for a revival of limited government and antiwar ideals.

MP3 here. (13:27)

Jeff Frazee was the national youth coordinator for Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign.

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  1. Scott,

    Excellent point – we are peacemongers!

    As long as YAL sticks to its founding principles they should be OK. The first time they sacrifice the principle of nonintervention, domestic or abroad, all credibility will be lost. There is enough literature and articles from the Austrians, Mises, LewRockwell, and AntiWar to counter any call for government intervention. I wish them well.

    To be for liberty, defending against tyranny, is much different than fighting for freedom, imposing democracy.

  2. Not a libertarion so take this as friendly outside criticism: calling yourselves Paulians sounds pretty cultish.

  3. Scott,

    While Jeff Frazee agreed with you on the deleterious influence of Gingrich and Armey (esp. Gringrich), yet his YAL formed an alliance with Armey’s Freedom Works in creating

    I would have been interested in hearing Jeff’s assessment of the danger vs. the preceived benefits of such an alliance.


  4. Scott: although both Gingrich and Armey were involved with the Contract for America and worked together for those years, I do think it is important to note the differences between them. Armey knows much more about economics and monetary theory than Gingrich amd he is also an Austrian: if you look at his FreedomWorks website you wills ee more Hayek and less Keynes. More importantly even is the difference between them over the war: while
    Newt Gingrich always approved the Iraq war and has always been a hawkish warmonger, also int he time of Reagan, where he criticized Reagan of being to dovish vs the Soviets, Armey raised some questions about the Iraq war as majority wip in 2002/2003. If you listen to Amy Goodman’s (From Democracy Now) interview with Ron Paul just before the Iraq war, you will hear about a positive reference about Armey, where he was reluctant and only decided in the last moment, probably just like Chuck Hagel. Last eyar I have listened to an intensive interview on the BBC with Armey, called “Hard Talk”. Armey was questioned about the Iraq war and Armey did acknowledge the decision to go to war with Iraq was a mistake and if he knew there were no WMD in Iraq, he would never have voted to go into Iraq.
    You will never hear something like this from Newt Gingrich or John McCain, who said the decision to attack Iraq was correct even if he knew there were no WMD.
    So it is important to take this into account. Armey is more a traditional conservative like Paul than a warmongering neoconservative like Gingrich. Armey has also critisized Bush on fiscal issues and he came out strongly against the Bush-Paulson bailout as well, unlike Gingrich who changed his view.

  5. Parts of the BBC interview with Armey, but without the parts about Iraq war

    However, I have found the following, Scott. Armey called an unprovoked war against Iraq illegal as GOP house majority leader and said Dick Cheney lied to him about the war:

    Recently, Ron Paul and Dick Armey also appeared together on Fox with Neil Cavuto. Not only Young Americans for Liberty, but also Ron Paul (campaign for Liberty also?) has an alliance with Dick Armey. YAL’s alliance with FreedomWorks is thus 100% valid and justified, also on the principle of non-intervention and peace. Maybe you could have an interview with Dick Armey at some time, Scott?

  6. “the Right is ripe for a revival of limited government and antiwar ideals.”

    I don’t believe this. First of all, because of the record of the last 8 years, and the generation before that. Second, because the GOP’s major supporters are religious rightists who want to turn the USA into a clone of Puritan Massachussetts, if not Cromwell’s England. The Right wants to rule the rest of us with a rod of iron.

    There’s no genuine “Left” in the USA, anyway; the Catholic Church passes for “left” in the USA! The evil “liberals” are those of us who decline to be slaves of the rightists.

    Lester Ness

  7. The GOP has a strong record of not only economic non-intervention, but also foreign policy non-intervention, with the Taft Republicans etc. In the Nixon, Ford and Reagan administrations, there were some neocons. but they had a more limited influence, but under George W. Bush they ruled full out. It will take some time to diminish their influence and rule, but it is possible I think for a peaceful non-interventionist right. One cannot generalize about the”religious right”, as there are different components and factions. Broadly spoken Ron Paul is also part of the religious right.

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