Eric Margolis

Running a world empire ain’t easy


Eric Margolis, author of American Raj: Liberation or Domination, discusses the U.S. pressure behind Pakistan army attacks in the northwest tribal region, the exaggerated threat of global terrorism, British and U.S. efforts to thwart a European competitor to NATO and U.S. threats to Canada of a trade embargo if it didn’t contribute troops to Iraq or Afghanistan.

MP3 here. (32:03)

Eric Margolis is a regular columnist with the Quebecor Media Company and a contributor to The Huffington Post. He is the author of War at the Top of the World: The Struggle for Afghanistan, Kashmir and Tibet.

4 thoughts on “Eric Margolis”

  1. “unintended consequences”? 100% Intended, brother. The US wants to “balkanize” Pakistan, tear it up, and install military bases in each part, to further encircle Russia and China.

    They picked the wrong enemies in Afghani’s and Pakistani’s. This will spell the end of the US empire and NATO. I’m very sorry these poor people will pay with their lives, but if there is any solace to be had, it should be in knowing they took down “the greatest empire the world has ever seen”.

    Great interview.

  2. Great interview. Eric Margolis is one of my favorite. He should take up contact with Ron Paul’s “Campaign for Liberty” to write a few articles and possibly speak at a future CfL event. Ron Paul should also get him as a speaker to his Liberty Caucus, a group of Republican congressmen. Paul already got people like Michael Scheuer, Doug Bandow, Jacob Hornberger (I think), Jim Bovard, “Michael Alexander” (the guy that refused to turture and was much more successfull in his interrogation and wrote a book and recently articles) to talk during the lunch hour.

  3. Gotta love Margolis. He fires me up about hating the Empire and all the evil they do. Scott, I never get tired of listening to you and him talk about DC imperialism!

  4. Poor Scott can’t let go of the “finding bin laden” story line. Washington never cared about al-Qaeda. It’s just an excuse, as everyone here, and increasingly everyone in the world knows. If they did “find and kill” OBL and a few friends, it would make no difference to the wars and occupations.

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