Larisa Alexandrovna

How Cheney saved the nuke black market


Larisa Alexandrovna, managing investigative news editor for, discusses the possible treason in Valerie Plame’s outing, the subsequent loss of CIA covert contacts with the A.Q. Kahn network (that may have supplied al-Qaeda with weapons), evidence of the U.S. scheming to start a war with Iran as early as December 2001 and what living in a police state really looks like.

MP3 here. (26:37)

Larisa Alexandrovna is the managing investigative news editor for

15 thoughts on “Larisa Alexandrovna”

  1. You’ve gotta be kidding me? They should have attacked Pakistan and Saudi Arabia instead of Iraq? Give me a break. Another mouthpiece for the Imperium.

    Uninformed crackpot.

  2. Duncan,

    Sharpen your listening skills. I think LA meant follow bin Laden into wherever he went, including Pak. I don’t think she meant that the U.S. should have invaded the country. Ditto Saudi Arabia, i.e., work with the country to root out the terrorists.

    I could be wrong, but that’s how I interpreted what she said.

  3. On another topic, Scott’s interview technique was really sorry here. He kept interrupting and pouring out a lot of specific info that made the whole thing hard to follow.

  4. Scott,

    Please get Peter Dale Scott on your show sometime. He would be a much better interview than this woman.

  5. @eCAHNomics, there is no freaking Al-Qaeda. There IS an Al-CIAda though. And Osama Bin Scapegoat Works for them and always has.

    And since when has the US stopped at merely chasing some myth into another country, caught him and then LEFT, without leaving a permanent military presence (occupation) behind???

    She is a mouthpiece of the Imperium. I can spot them a mile away and within a single sentence. She makes all sorts of claims – about 15, by my count – and doesn’t back up a single one. Not a single source, not a single anecdotal reference. Just “I can’t say”.

    If it wasn’t for Scott Feeding her “antiwar” Talking Points this “interview would have been even more worthless.

    Have a look at her and tell me how it differs from the other vile manifestations of the “progressive” thought police of DailyKos, DU, Nation, MoveOn, HuffPo, Firedoglake, and the rest of the of the brainwashed Obamavoids.

  6. Scott man, why the fuck do you have a bunch of inbred, white-trash morons posting on your blog? They don’t fucking even know who you are talking to, cuz if they did, they might show respect for the young lady.

    On the Pak/SA issue I took it to mean that we were more justified in going into Pak and SA than into Iraq. Maybe I’m wrong, but that is how I took it. Meaning, Iraq was a total fabrication. So unless you think that we were well justified going into Iraq, STFU.

    Markum, what you smoking? On what topic is she being a conspiracy theorist? Ask Scott if she is a conspiracy theorist. I think he respects her. I respect her. Don’t do specifics do you? Put your damn pipe down before you type out your opinions. If that fails, have your mammy do it for you.

    David, I think you got a point. I thought Scott’s questioning was sloppy, causing confusion. But I like a woman who is not afraid to take on Dickster and Karllllllll Karlllllllll.

    Scott, don’t make me be the only guy in the room with these sorries. Get in here and add some wood on this side of the fire son.

    Bobby (gives you the middle finger)

  7. Imperium is here. Yah, Idaho. Just like that Peter Dale Scott and that Gareth Porter who both have published over at that Raw thing / are friends with that broad. You call them out man!!! You go my brother! Man, it’s losers like you who surround Paul and make him look like a freak. Keep it up, maybe we can win toilet paper next election round. Just keep on chanting imperium my brother.

  8. Duncan Idaho “can spot them a mile away” — and I can spot a dupe spouting Alex Jones talking points a mile away.

    Meanwhile, Markham says Alexandra is a “crackpot conspiracy theorist” — albeit one who is a friend of Sibel Edmonds.

    You remember Sibel Edmonds? She’s that ex-FBI translator who is gagged by the Feds because of her “crackpot conspiracy theories”. Feds slap a “State Secrets” gag order all the time for no specific reason. Don’t they?

    And Alex Jones has had Sibel Edmonds on his show, by the way.

    What would your messiah Alex say about Sibel’s friend Alexandra? Why don’t you hacks dig into the Antiwar archives and find out a little bit more about what Alexandra has to say?

    Although I do agree that Peter Dale Scott should be interviewed by “Phillip/Scott Horton” — that’s never going to happen. “Phillip/Scott Horton”‘s days of acknowledging 9/11 unanswered questions are long gone.

  9. Many thanks to both Larisa Alexandrovna and Scott Horton for this well informed interview. It provided an invaluable perspective on the covert dealings of “our” government, a Hydra monster with heads in a hopeless conflict.

    The given description of what it is like living under a totalitarian regime is indeed authentic, but the warning it carries will obviously not reach the superficial crowd. An impartial observer can rightly argue that elements of an Orwellian world have already been in place here for quite a while, such as the nightmare of “political correctness”, the truly intolerable oppression in workplaces of the corporate universe, and so on, but the circle may close in ways many folks can hardly imagine.

  10. I don’t know why Americans get so worked up over Pakistan and AQ Kahn. It was an American who gave American nuclear info to the AQ Kahn network anyway and when the Sunday Times wrote about that, everyone who followed the story fingered Marc Grossman as the generous one. He was number 3 at the State Department (Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs) who suddenly and quietly retired after 29 years of “service” in 2005.

    Imagine that? After 29 years and climbing so high in one of the most corrupt bureaucracies on earth, this guy suddenly retired. Now why would that be?

    Why didn’t this news make it into American media? Why hasn’t there been an investigation into this Grossman? It must have been in US interests to give Pakistan the bomb.

    Same thing with the US crying about N Korea’s nuclear program . . . who was it that sold reactors to N Korea? Donald Rumsfeld. And that was in Australian media. Obviously, it’s in US interests for N Korea to have the bomb.

    As for the Saudis, they’re good American allies with all kinds of personal ties to the American ruling elite and they provided the excuse the Americans needed to expand US military domination into Afghanistan and Iraq. How many highjackers were Afghans and Iraqis? None.

    Of course oil and gas pipelines were and are the ultimate goals of those wonderful little adventures.

    Americans should shut up and clean their own filthy house/police state (yeah, it’s a major police state) before crying about everyone and everything else and meddling in the affairs of others.

    But what should we expect from a country that calls torture “torture” when applied to its own but calls torture “enhanced interrogation techniques” when applied to all those not its own? Not only is this contradiction a stark indication of moral bankruptcy, it’s also a damned good indicator of a racist regime.

  11. Scott Horton should put a stop to his “however you pronounce it” routine when dealing with hard to pronounce (for him apparently) names, events or locations (the country of Niger in this example).

    For someone who has a radio program on events with international themes, he should conduct his due diligence, learn how to pronounce these names beforehand, and give up the dismissive “… or however you pronounce it” habit.

  12. Oh puhleez, give your fucking heads a shake! "Alexandrovna" is just another anti-Russian Z_ionist crackpot no better than the Florida anti-Castro, anti-Chavez, rabid fucking loons – her idiotic "memories" of Soviet Thought Police running after her with polonium filled umbrellas of mass destruction at the ripe old age of 7 are HAIR BRAINED propaganda that even AIPAC, AEI, WINEP, and JINSA would be fucking embarrassed to repeat.

    Seriously, give your heads a shake.

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