Isaac Luria

J Street lobby pushes for 2-state solution


Isaac Luria, Campaigns Director for J Street, discusses his organization’s attempt to represent the majority opinion of American Jews on Israel policy, Obama’s limited time to leverage his political capital and push for a 2-state solution, why a second Israel lobby is good news for progressive U.S. politicians and how evenhanded U.S. diplomacy lessens the influence of radicals in Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas.

MP3 here. (27:45)

Isaac Luria is Campaigns Director for the progressive pro-peace, pro-Israel lobby, J Street.

7 thoughts on “Isaac Luria”

  1. The barriers to a just peace will not fall until the underlying religious clash is addressed.

    There is an understanding by which every Jew, Christian, and Muslin can agree upon and endorse every word of Tanach, Bible, and Koran. offers its help.

  2. What can I say after listening to this interview?

    Thanks, Scott, for exposing the insanity of all pro-WTF causes that seek to use the power of government to impose the du-jour justification for violence against people.

    All these people are p*ssies! Think about it, all these groups do is solicit our federal government for the privelege to have the U.S. military kill on their behalf.

    I don’t by the drivel of J,K,L, M, F, or U street.

    Tired of all their whining and insanity.

  3. Wat? AIPAC and J Street have one thing in common, they’re both steeped in socialism. Isaac stills sees our empire meddling in middle east affairs for the benefit of Israel. Is Israel even a member of the NPT? I don’t think so. Doesn’t Israel have nuclear weapons, and has demonstrated, as a state, to massacre over a thousand Gazans. Who is the warmonger, that is Israel.

    We need to get out of all entangling alliances, and get our government out of foreign countries. Damn international Socialists! Damn you trotskyites!!!!

  4. J Street is better than AIPAC…i suppose. It is not clear to me that their ends are appreciably different. J Street is just a little less drunk with power and perhaps aware the tide is turning against Isreal maybe. The nuclear weapons angle was most telling–the hypocrite sagely opines of Iran’s possible nukes while ignoring Israel’s. He is just another who presumes himself heir to American power and is deciding how best to use it for Israel’s best interest which he conveniently equates with America’s. The United States needs to lose this “friend” in the Middle East, if the U.S.’ interest is ever going to be the main goal of American diplomacy and policy.

  5. I was about to say, just seems like the same old bullshit to me. I am an American Jew and could give a damn about Israel. If Jews in America are so intent on supporting Israel, let them renounce their US citizenship and become fulltime Israel citizens. Slight improvement over AIPAC but minimal. The truth is, no one, no matter how cogent his arguments may be, can offer good evidence why the US should have a special relationship with Israel. Meh.

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