Philip Giraldi

US works with terrorists to destabilize Iran


Philip Giraldi, contributing editor at The American Conservative magazine and columnist for, discusses the duplicitous U.S. practice of engaging in diplomacy with Iran while clandestinely destabilizing their government, the shortsighted U.S. policy of supporting terrorist groups if they oppose the U.S. enemy du jour, the good sense foreign policy of minding your own business and how Obama seems to have ruled out military action on Iran.

MP3 here. (28:52)

Philip Giraldi is a former CIA and DIA counter-terrorism officer, member of the American Conservative Defense Alliance and contributing editor at The American Conservative magazine. His Smoke and Mirrors column is a regular feature on

2 thoughts on “Philip Giraldi”

  1. Whether the US is committing the terrorist acts in Iran or merely funding them is a non sequitur. After all, the US took out the Taliban for, ostensibly, supporting Al-TheCIA-Guy.

    As a CIA man you know full well how these situations are Stage Managed by elements of the Military Industrial Complex, Wall Street interests – after all most CIA heads and deputies came from the banking world – and the inevitable “Israeli concerns”.

    Regarding the Taliban: it’s PUBLIC knowledge that they Offered up Osama and merely asked for EVIDENCE of his complicity – of course, no such evidence could EVER be provided because of course Osama Bin Scapegoat had nothing to do with it.

    Until you guys address this Basic Reality, every single day in every single way, your government will Never change. Ever.

    Regarding Iran: I wish you guys would Stop repeating the Washington Consensus that Iran is some kind of psychotic police state. I’ve been there, I know people there, I know what it’s like. It’s a very young country, their young people are very progressive…I can EASILY see Tehran as a future Paris of the Persian Gulf – as Beirut used to be called before the Israeli aggressions against it.

    “…to irritate Iran into doing something stupid” What has Iran done since evicting the US-backed dictator in 1979 that can even remotely be regarded as “stupid”? They support the LEGITIMATE government of Palestine, Hamas, the PATRIOTS in Lebanon, Hezbollah, who merely want their Land BACK, and the Syrians who THEIR land back???

    I formally pledge $100 towards funding Antiwar Radio’s expenses for a month of interviews out of Iran itself. Two people for a month shouldn’t come to more than around $9,000.00 – and in Tehran, you will be eating Caspian caviar every night with that kind of cash….I’m sure we can eke out another 89 people to match.

    I challenge you to either Prove or Dispel your mythology of what Iran is.

    Haven’t we had enough propaganda already?

  2. Obama has got to kick Israel’s ass, and I mean KICK it. Kick it until the bruises form. Anything less, and the Muslim world will know that the Israeli tail still wags the American dog.

    Israel gets away with its colossal criminality because its sole friend and protector, the U.S., covers for damn near anything Israel does. Israel enslaves 1.5 million Palestinians in the “Gaza Ghetto”; the U.S. looks the other way. Obama himself remained silent during Israel’s attack/war crimes in Gaza; the Muslim world knows this.

    It’s going to take a hell a lot more than pretty words for Obama to convince ’em otherwise.

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