Will Potter

‘CMU’ prisons used for silencing political prisoners


Award-winning reporter Will Potter discusses the new Communication Management Unit (CMU) prisons for domestic “second tier terrorists,” the CMU restrictions designed to silence political prisoners and the shifting definition of “terrorism” that is used to define certain political crimes but not others.

MP3 here. (28:43)

Will Potter is an award-winning reporter who focuses on how lawmakers and corporations have labeled animal rights and environmental activists as “eco-terrorists.” Will has written for publications including The Chicago Tribune, The Dallas Morning News and Legal Affairs, and has testified before the U.S. Congress about his reporting. He is the creator of GreenIsTheNewRed.com, where he blogs about the Green Scare and history repeating itself.

9 thoughts on “Will Potter”

  1. Darn you Scott! I have 40 audio books in my queue to listen to and can't get to them because you put out this raft of fascinating programming! From Vance to McGovern to Porter, et al, I can't stop listening.

  2. Will Potter: What do you think of this observation? The bombing of women's clinics with the killing and maiming of nurses, staff and security guards, the assassination of doctors and their escorts, the bombing of gay bars and the burning of dozens of African-American churches in the South all occurred under Clinton – who did not solve a single case (including the Atlantic Olympic bombing). They stopped completely under Bush; Ashcroft even caught and prosecuted several of the assassins who had 'eluded' Janet Reno. Now they have started again under Obama with an escalation of death threats and attacks – despite the FBI knowing the members of these organizations.

  3. I'm grateful every day for antiwar.com but I gotta admit the reason I send money is your interviews, Scott. I can't go libertarian, but I think America ALWAYS benefits from having libertarians talking, especially about the war state. Your interviews are the most intelligent radio I ever hear.

  4. Don't tell me that someone who burns my home and everything I own while I am not there is not being violent. Violence against property is still violence. Terrorism is the use of violence to create fear in order to obtain political ends. If you damage SUVs in order to make people afraid to buy or sell them, then you are a terrorist.

  5. Yeah, I think its important to distinguish between the guy who attacked the SUVs and the guy who was convicted for running a website under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, who was also stuck in that thing. Thats still really the central story here.

    Im glad you did this interview, Scott.

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