William Brand

20 years since Poles began destroying USSR


William Brand, writer for the Krakow Post, discusses the 20th anniversary of the beginning of the end of the USSR, the 1989 Polish open elections where communist candidates were trounced, Gorbachev’s made-good promise to end military crackdowns and the flood of other Soviet bloc countries that followed Poland’s lead (some not so peacefully).

MP3 here. (21:53)

William Brand is an American expatriate living in Poland.

9 thoughts on “William Brand”

  1. It´s stupid of the Poles to accept US anti-missile missiles. They will first be hit by a Launch On Warning mistake. What else can the Russians do but implement Launch On Warning ? Preprogramed automatic suicide by some hair-trigger Launch On Warning mistake. Why can´t the bloody Pentagon see the consequences ? Do they think they can avoid Nuclear Winter too ? At any rate, it´s only for blackmail. Maybe.

  2. Wow. Talk about revisionism. Walesa was a (Z)ionist puppet, just look at Poland today! Raped and pillaged six ways from Sunday.

    Poland was a thousand times better off under the Soviet regime than they are today.

    ALL of their infrastructure – which has now been sold off to (Z)ionist bankers for PENNIES on the dollar – was BUILT by Russia.

    Solidarity, my ass. What we don’t need is even more revisionism from the so-called “antiwar” side.

    Jesus H Christ.

  3. Duncan, obviously you have also spent a lot of time in Poland (not!). If you’re interested in obtaining a realistic view of who is buying up what in Poland today, i suggest you look into Russian capitalists. This is certainly one of the ironies throughout Eastern Europe.

  4. I see Tycho: I guess it’s just an accident that Poland’s Central Bank directors nearly are all (J)ewish Harvard grads?

    If you had bothered to do any research you would see that Germany, Netherlands, Spain, and US have bought up practically everything in sight. Russia didn’t have any MONEY when this fire sale started.

  5. My distant cousin’s wife, in NE Poland, is an economist. When I visited them in June 2001, they were then in their mid-40s. (My cousin is a veterinarian in a rural area.) One of the Qs I asked her (thru their English speaking kids, as I don’t speak Polish and they don’t speak English) was how she dealt with being educated in economics during the communist era. She answered by putting one finger pointing into one ear, and the other pointing out the other ear. She went on to explain that the words for Memorize, Pass, Forget all start with the letter “z” in Polish, and that’s how they handled their economics courses. I told the young translator to tell his mother that she is one smart cookie.

  6. I'm sorry, Sienna…are you high? Poland is a fucking basket case – right behind Ukraine, and most of the former Soviet states. Why? Because they were raped and pillaged by Wall Street Z_ionist bankers and "investors".

    @Tycho Dierra: I never claimed to have spent any time in Poland, so I don't understand your sarcasm (?).

    Have I been to Poland? Yes, about 20 years ago. When's the last time you were there?

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