Bill Kelsey

Liberal imperialism in Afghanistan


Bill Kelsey, libertarian activist and former NGO-employed international relief pilot, discusses the dangers of overzealous and naive humanitarianism, the political and economic forces that determine which Afghan poppy fields are eradicated and which are left alone, the increasingly impersonal nature of combat with remote controlled drone aircraft and how slow evolutionary social change is more sustainable than quick-fix NGO plans.

MP3 here. (39:11)

Bill Kelsey is a libertarian activist and former international relief pilot for a non-governmental organization.

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  1. Heroin is a one TRILLION dollar a year business of which 90% is LAUNDRED through the Z_ionist banks of Wall Street..

    This is NOT fucking "rocket science": when the US controlled South-East Asia, 90% of the world's heroin came from South-East Asia. When the US launched "Plan Columbia", 90% of the world's Cocaine trade moved from small-time dealers to 3-4 big-time US-based, Wall Street-connected, dealers. When the US invaded Afghanistan, Afghanistan produced LESS that TEN per cent of the world's heroin – mainly because the Taleban DON'T DEAL DRUGS. Today 90% of the world's heroin comes from Afghanistan – under the supervision of NATO.

    That is what the ancients called "cause and effect".

    The United Snakes are – under the supervision of the Talmudist banking cartel – the world's pimps, stick-up men, assassins, perverts, apologists, and otherwise BUTT-BOYS for the Z_ionist banking cartel.

    Nice "empire" you got there! …Rome eventually borrowed money from the "tribe" to finance their stupidity, and it spelled the end. Nothing has changed.

  2. Wow Duncan. Take it easy. There are plenty of WASPs calling shots and peddling. We merely took the reins from the prior, decidedly non-Zionist, empire and former biggest drug dealer on the planet. Namely, Britain.

    Now back to the point. Scott, I have heard that the total amount we spend annually fighting the drug war dwarfs the total size of the market for the illicit drugs themselves. The example I heard was that the Afghan opium/heroin market is smaller than our Afghan drug war budget. Is this true? It must be verifiable. If true, it means if we were serious about getting rid of the illicit drugs we would merely buy all of the product from the producers, and then incinerate it – sort of a global farm subsidy program.

    Any chance you could have a show exploring this topic with a viable expert or panel of experts. This drug war is after all, yet another war, and tightly coupled with the activities of the warfare state.

    You do great work! Thanks so much!

    1. Even if a group of people bought all the heroin and destroyed it, there would still be a demand for heroin. Other countries (e.g. opium is grown legally (for medical use) in Tasmania) and people would find a way to produce and sell it . The price would be higher due to the increased demand so there would actually be more profit to be made. The only answer is full legalisation of all drugs. Unfortunately I cannot see that happening in my lifetime. When did people give up the right to control their own blood and bodies?

  3. Heroin is not illegal because it is dangerous.

    It is dangerous because it is illegal.

    It causes much less physiological harm than either alcohol or tobacco. It becomes dangerous when cut with unknown substances at unknown strength. That's why overdose is such a danger.

    The sooner we all grow up and legalise drugs the better off we'll all be.

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