Howard Jones

The lessons of the Bay of Pigs


Howard Jones, history professor at the University of Alabama, discusses the lesson of blowback not learned from the Bay of Pigs fiasco, how JFK’s attempt to maintain plausible deniability increased the invasion plan’s potential to fail, Castro’s post-invasion conversion to communism and alliance with the USSR and the tangled web of JFK assassination theories.

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Howard Jones is a University Research Professor in the history department at the University of Alabama. He is the author of The Bay of Pigs, a volume in the “Pivotal Moments in American History” series, Death of a Generation: How the Assassinations of Diem and JFK Prolonged the Vietnam War, Abraham Lincoln and a New Birth of Freedom: The Union and Slavery in the Diplomacy of the Civil War and many more books.

His current projects include War So Horrible: Union and Confederate Foreign Relations During the Civil War, My Lai, Theodore Roosevelt: Diplomat and Destiny at Sea: The Alabama Crisis During the Civil War.

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  1. Six hundred and forty eight-plus assassination attempts later Fidel is still there. Ten Z_ionist stooges (i.e. US "presidents") later, the United Snakes zio-mafia is STILL "pining for the Fjords". Dead fucking parrots.

    You want an accurate reckoning of the MONUMENTAL Cuban VICTORY, read Che Guevara's diaries.

    82 men on a sadsack yacht took on the US and WON, liberated a nation. Bravo. Bravo.

  2. The Kennedy assassination is an open and closed case: the CIA wanted him dead because he threatened to demolish it; the international Z_ionist banker class wanted him dead because he wanted to KILL the Federal Reserve; and last, but by no fucking means least, David Ben-Gurion wanted him dead because Kennedy wanted to disarm Israel and remove it's nuclear capability.

    Including the mafia in the list of suspects is just fucking ABSURD. No way in fucking hell would the mob DARE to take out a chief executive in a Mob-Friendly country! That's just fucking stupid and obviously absurd on it's face. Besides, the J_ewish mob was far more powerful by then than La Cosa Nostra – "Our Thing" was a joke long before then. They were thugs fighting over scraps and relished in their Notoriety. Wannabe players, nothing more. Just as they are today. Mere scapegoats for unconstitutional laws like the Rico statutes. Buffoons really. Silk suits and brains the size of silkworms'.

    Let's not even go there, ok? They were too busy playing hide the salami with that melonhead hillbilly buttboy cross-dressing tranny, J. Edgar Hoover. God, what a fucking joke – and what a testament to the GULLIBILITY of your average Ma and Pa Kettle "law and order" types!

    Seriously, could Anyone you make this shit up???

    And it's been all downhill since then. The pillage of sovereign states by NIxon abrogation of Bretto-Woods in '71. The nuclear holocaust threatened upon Saudi Arabia if they didn't sell oil in USD a couple of years later. The free-for-all rape of Russia. The FBI "informant" SUPPLYING the explosives for the first WTC bombing. The MOSSAD-CIA take-down of 9/11. And the MEGA-rape by the Z_ionist banking cartel today of the world's hard assets.

    All of these paths ultimately lead to a single source.

  3. Scott: Why do you and many other "alternative" journalists wimp out when it comes to the JFK Assasination-or the RFK assasination or MLK or Malcolm X–aka the monumentally important domestic assasinations of the 1960's?

    Is the removal of the head of state by a conspiracy of I don't care who not a tremendously important issue? Your guest is typical of mainstream historians–agnosticisim at best, ridicule at worst.

    My suggestion: have Jim DiEugenio of CTKA on: among other things, Jim is an expert on Jim Garrison and the Clay Shaw trial and Jim has recently done a multi article refutation of Bugliosi's "Reclaiming History".

    Thanks and keep up your good work.

    Bob Pentangelo

  4. Regarding the JFK assassination: It was exceedingly unfortunate that the President's body was taken to Washington for autopsy. If it had remained in Dallas, Earl F. Rose, M.D., the Dallas medical examiner, would have performed the post mortem. Dr. Rose was an able pathologist with considerable experience with gunshot wound cases. By contrast, the head of the autopsy team at Bethesda–Commander James Humes, MC, USN–had little, if any, experience with gunshot wound cases.

    (Dr. Rose, by the way, vociferously protested the removal of the President's body from Parkland Hospital. "The Death of a President" by William Manchester vividly describes the standoff between Rose and the President's aides and entourage.)

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