Anthony Gregory

Whoever wishes peace must fight statism


Anthony Gregory, research analyst at the Independent Institute, discusses the DHS’s report’s (.pdf) overly broad characterization of right wing extremism, ideological profiling that debases individual rights, the conflation of anti-government sentiment with violent extremism and how the best way to prevent mass violence is to limit centralized government power.

MP3 here. (31:53)

Anthony Gregory is Editor-in-Chief at Campaign for Liberty and a Research Analyst at The Independent Institute. He earned his bachelor’s degree in American history from the University of California at Berkeley and gave the undergraduate history commencement speech in 2003. Mr. Gregory is also the recipient of the Ron Paul Liberty in Media Award for his Independent Institute article, “An Anniversary that We Must Never Forget.” His articles have appeared in the San Diego Union-Tribune, East Valley Tribune (AZ), Contra Costa Times, The Star (Chicago, IL), Washington Times, Vacaville Reporter, Palo Verde Times, and other newspapers, and he regularly writes for numerous news and commentary web sites, including, Future of Freedom Foundation, Rational Review, etc. Mr. Gregory is currently writing an Independent Institute book on individual liberty and the writ of habeas corpus.

4 thoughts on “Anthony Gregory”

  1. Scott,

    You and your guest take exception to the report on 'right-wing' extremism on the grounds that *it* conflates anti-state, pro-individual, anti-collectivest sentiment with racistm, neo-fascism, neo-Nazism and so forth.

    I think you are missing the point here. It isn't necessarily the report that is conflating these clearly incompatible positions. It is the loons themselves. These people are so devoid of ideological coherence and clear thinking that they can at the same moment proclaim themselves to be opposed to 'the state', proclaim themselves to be champions of 'freedom' and the 'individual', and yet advocate that individuals from 'undesirable' minorities or those that hold dissenting views should be expelled, exterminated or otherwise dealt with.

    A quick perusal of any 'conservative' or out-and-out right-wing website will soon reveal the facility with which these howling wackos can simultaneously hold several completely contradictory positions at once, and not even break a sweat.

  2. Do you ever hear Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck and all the other spewing their hate mongering, racist flow of twisted incitement to every sort of irrational thinking ( rather believing) and behavior?
    I think ours is the only western country where such vile thoughts are dumped on the population 24 hours a day paid for by the major corporations. Is there another country where the only voice that drowns out all the other in a flood of garbage is MONEY?

  3. The "stop and think for a moment" always refers to the other guy. It implies the one suggesting it already stopped and thought. So, basically, because he stopped and thought you should stop and reach the same conclusions. Personally, I prefer those who don't stop at all, hopefully they won't have enough time to stop and tell me to stop and think Not to mention they could happen to stop and urge me to think exactly when I was doing the bloody thinking. So, stop and think for a moment about this. Oops, you were already doing just that..

    Very good discussion, Scott.

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