Daniel Luban

Why the neocons prefer Ahmadinejad


Daniel Luban, writer for IPS news via Jim Lobe’s blog, discusses the neocon preference for Ahmadinejad over his moderate rivals, the aborted attempt by congressional leaders to fast-track sanctions just prior to Iran’s election, the continuance of “Obama is a secret Muslim” as a staple of right-wing propaganda and how a viable Palestinian state requires the dismantling of Israeli settlements.

MP3 here. (24:33)

Daniel Luban writes on Jim Lobe’s IPS news blog.

1 thought on “Daniel Luban”

  1. Kudos to Obama for getting rid of Ross!!! [If in fact that is what happens]

    He is just 1 more (Israel first) NEOCON!! [ Israel has Nukes…Good] Yaa it's Ross talkin……….

    Soon, all the MANY states that Isarel [has attacked or wishes to attack] will go nuclear!!

    Protecting the Jewish people from their own nuclear blowback will be a difficult item..

    Those like Ross only encourage their excesses, like when they went "crazy" in Gaza..

    Too many well meaning apologists is NOT a good policy……. Omama is smart and well

    meaning too…..And their is a learning curve in these matters…. We can only HOPE

    Obama is up to this NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE [they pay for U 2 B WRONG] Job..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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