Philip Weiss

Is Israel really a beacon of Western democracy?


Investigative journalist Philip Weiss discusses Netanyahu’s right-wing biblical rhetoric in response to Obama’s groundbreaking Cairo speech, the U.S. media’s long-awaited questioning of Israeli settlements, Israel’s accelerating departure from Western values and the sub-human living conditions forced on Gaza residents.

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Philip Weiss is an investigative journalist who has written for The Nation, New York Times Magazine, The American Conservative, Jewish World Review and other publications. He is the author of American Taboo : A Murder in the Peace Corps and writes the blog “Mondoweiss“.

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  1. The idea of a Democratic State based on one religion is an oxymoron if I have ever heard one. Israel does not adhere to Habeas Corpus for the millions of people they segregate for being of Palestinians origin deny them citizenship, and human rights protection and then we should call Israel a Democracy? As for our commitment for human rights and ending racial discrimination we have made great stride in ending Anti Semitism; exchanging or substituting that for the hate and loathing we now have for Muslims and call it progress.

    1. Right on Brain Damaged! This simple fact that democracy and theocracy do not mix is what a sixth grader should understand from social science, yet our mainstream media along with the Zionist propaganda have been all time lying to us wanting us to believe that Israel is a democracy. Israel is the worst nationalist formula mankind has ever known. Israel is the formula which makes one particular race, of a particular religion superior to others. Israel is the condition where immigrants supersede indigenous population. We have a parallel to it in the dark pages of our history in the US, but we have been learning how to snap out of it. Not when it comes to Israel though. The funny thing is that Jews were victimized in the West by Christian Europe, and we having been compensating them on the expense of others. We are making Palestinians pay for our crimes we committed against the Jews. What a cheap way for a payback! I am also brain damaged thinking about this code of justice.

  2. To be a socialist, you have to throw individual rights out the window. Weiss is totally self-contradictory,thinking that a little socialism is compatible with human liberty . He needs to read Hayek from 68 years ago, "The Road to Serfdom"…..socialism leads to Avigdor Liebermans. Doesn't matter if liberal westerners in the Weiss mold(i admit I like him and his humanistic angle on Palestian oppression by the Israeli government) are for just a "little " socialism. It leads to freaking tyranny, always and by definition.
    Recommendation, from a supporter: Scott, you can lead this guy on the path to being a TRUE liberal, which in the modern parlance means, a libertarian.

  3. I suspect some broader interpretations of socialism would allow numbers of individual rights currently under attack here. Mondoweiss readers know him as one of the few honest comentators on the Mid-east situation.

    (Hey, Scott, just finished your entire archives, and a good number of interviews several times. It is a good body of work. Congratulations.)

  4. Scott … thanks again for bringing us the perspective of a journalist who has "walked the front lines".

    While the interview covered many key issues – in a rational, constructive tone – there was one bit of information mentioned nearly as an aside, that I found SHOCKING; that being a Jewish charitable organization operating in the U.S. whose fund-raising (openly, or so it seems) directly benefits the "militias" in the Israeli settlements.

    Should there be any doubt that these "militias" are in fact terrorists, threatening the lives of Palestinians (with a wink and a nod support of the IDF) … I'd suggest you go to the Frontline web site and watch "Israel's Next War".

    Post-911, numerous American-based Islamic charities have been investigated, harassed and shut down based on allegations that they channeled funds to Islamic extremists, with some participants deported and a couple arrested.

    Attention Eric Holder … here's a "slam dunk" for your agents.

  5. I don't know if this is significant, but was Netanyahu communicating a slightly nuanced message in describing Israel as "the nation-state of the Jewish people" rather than the common reference to a "Jewish state." A "Jewish state" implies a place where Jews not only live but dominate, and where non-Jews–if allowed to be there–must accept a subordinate status. By contrast, "nation-state of the Jewish people" could be interpreted as meaning a place where Jews have a right to liv–but not to the exclusion or domination of non-Jews who have an equal right to live there.

  6. Ahh Yes,the 'miracle' that is Israel.
    At more than $10 million per day(that we know of) the US Taxpayer is footing the bill.
    Now if that was not bad enough.
    Israel is able to make Emergency requests as in it's 2206 attack on Lebanon.
    Hundreds of millions of dollars of aviation fuel and precision munitions dispatched most urgently.
    This was taken out of Pentgon's stores and do not show up as aid to Israel.

  7. Truth be told, Israel is a criminal nation. And, of course, Israel gets away with it because it hides behind the apron strings of its sole friend and protector, the U.S.

    The Middle East–indeed, the entire world–knows it, too.

  8. Israel is a disgusting little nazi like country. Awful! Definitely not a Western nation but just another Semite nation like other Arabs nations that has developed a lust to kill, massacre and oppress…….

  9. Israel,.to be precise, is a 19th cent colonial race-state, …even less right to exist than aparthied South Africa. And its criminality, its ethnic cleansing/Palestinian genocide, over now 60 yrs mounts to a world historical stature of a magnitude with the Third Reich. It is an abomination that cries out for justice.

  10. As Israel’s successive governments have shown since ‘independence’ (the recognition of their self-determination) they care little for the self-determination of others. Israel has assisted in putting down grass roots organisations in Haiti, Guatemala, Angola, South Africa, Mozambique, El Salvador, Nicaragua and the list goes on and on. Israel has shown itself to be the enemy of Third World Human Rights struggles across the globe a fact made quite clear in Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi’s “The Israeli Connection.”It is telling though that Israel’s involvement in putting down Third World struggles has been conspicuously missing from their already very public and long standing record of oppression in their immediate region. With this in mind it becomes obvious why certain groups flatly resist accepting Israel’s existence.

  11. i would like to see someone connect the dots between israel and the crimes called WWII. the result are sure to open many a cobwebbed eyes.

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