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Internationally syndicated columnist Eric Margolis discusses the Western media’s hyping of a new color-coded revolution in Iran, the recent history of the U.S. rigging elections abroad, cultural and political divides in Iran exacerbated by a youthful population, U.S. mission creep from Afghanistan into Pakistan, hypocritical U.S. complaints about Iran’s crackdown while Middle East allies don’t allow elections at all and how Kabul is becoming the new Saigon.

MP3 here. (49:11)

Eric S. Margolis is an award-winning, internationally syndicated columnist. His articles appear in the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, Times of London, the Gulf Times, the Khaleej Times and Dawn. He is a regular columnist with the Quebecor Media Company and a contributor to The Huffington Post. He appears as an expert on foreign affairs on CNN, BBC, France 2, France 24, Fox News, CTV and CBC.

As a war correspondent Margolis has covered conflicts in Angola, Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique, Sinai, Afghanistan, Kashmir, India, Pakistan, El Salvador and Nicaragua. He was among the first journalists to ever interview Libya’s Muammar Khadaffi and was among the first to be allowed access to KGB headquarters in Moscow. A veteran of many conflicts in the Middle East, Margolis recently was featured in a special appearance on Britain’s Sky News TV as “the man who got it right” in his predictions about the dangerous risks and entanglements the US would face in Iraq.

Margolis is the author of War at the Top of the World: The Struggle for Afghanistan, Kashmir and Tibet and American Raj: Liberation or Domination?: Resolving the Conflict Between the West and the Muslim World.

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  1. Another very good straight talking interview. Ironic that it comes from a Canadian. My only gripe is the continuing references to Osama bin Laden. the evidence is pretty compelling that he died at the end of 2001 (see Griffin 2009). Scott is right to allude to him as the Emanuel Goldstein of the 21st century, but if he is in fact dead (and I believe the evidence) then it raises even more serious questions about who is running US foreign policy and for what purpose.

  2. The US war strategist handed Iraq to the shiite and disturbed the Iranian political system, the AfPak quiet war is ongoing while the pullout of Iraq will create mini-war inside Iraq Sunnis against Shiite, and Kurds against both including Turky and Iran
    US courting of Syria is to assist the Iraqi sunnis. South of Iraq will block any assistamce coming from the the Sunni governments,
    When the pouder keg explode from Pakistan to Iraq, US has plan for north Africa. or Africa itself
    Kenya with the help from the west is sending troops to invade Somalia, who can imagine Kenya invading another country, with Israel's help Ethiopia had invaded Erithrea and somalia sevaral time in the past 10 years.
    Call it Judeo-Christian against moslem.
    From Morocco to Somalia and Sudan to Pakistan.

  3. That was a cute role reversal: Ahmadinejad, “the great Satan.” I do believe that title belongs to the US.

    Criticisms levelled against the Ahmadinejad government base their ramblings on the apparent failure of the Ahmadinejad government to effectively deal with poverty. Unlike an analysis of western governments economic failings all analyses of Iranian governance fails to factor in the international credit crisis; an inconvenient truth only prevalent in analyses of ‘democratic’ nations.

    I feel the blue and white cotton thread holding this whole fiasco together was hardly strong enough to bare the brunt of even the simplest of truths.

  4. One difference between Kabul and Saigon: when Saigon fell, Americans could flee on helos, crash land them on aircraft carriers not far away. Kabul is FAR from the ocean. Read, inter alia, _Flashman_ for an account of the British attempt to flee Kabul in 1842.

  5. Awesome. I was so glad to hear antiwar radio play this show. Even places like Democracy Now are fanning the flames of hatred towards Iran by not airing the viewpoint of people like Eric Margolis. Thanks!

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