Rachel Morris


Rachel Morris, author of “Shock and Audit: The Hidden Defense Budget,” discusses the real defense budget numbers, Obama’s promise to stop using supplemental bills to pay for U.S. wars, the lack of penalties against defense contractors that don’t perform and the overriding power of Congress to save endangered weapons programs.

MP3 here. (18:30)

Rachel Morris is the Washington bureau editor for Mother Jones. Previously she was an editor at the Washington Monthly and an assistant editor at Legal Affairs. Her writing has also appeared in the Columbia Journalism Review and the Guardian, among other publications.

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  1. They're keeping the F-22 going on expected foreign sales? What a laugh. The US is being killed (no pun intended) in the international arms market by Russia, China, and the EU.

    Not to mention that with the US being such a political basket case and so invasion happy there is a high chance that spare parts and munitions could be cut off at any moment. No nation is willing to take that kind of risk right now.

    The folks and Bofors and Izhmash are laughing all the way to the bank.

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