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David Vine, author of Island of Shame: The Secret History of the U.S. Military Base on Diego Garcia, discusses the post-WWII origin of the Diego Garcia military base, how the native Chagossian population – descended from slaves and indentured servants from French colonial times – was forcibly relocated 1200 miles away to Mauritius, the numerous other incidents of displaced native populations in U.S. history and how Diego Garcia is becoming a hub for the U.S. empire’s global tentacles.

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David Vine is the author of Island of Shame: The Secret History of the U.S. Military Base on Diego Garcia (Princeton University Press, 2009). His work focuses on issues including forced displacement, U.S. foreign and military policy, military bases, and human rights. Since 2001, he has been conducting research about the U.S. military base on the Indian Ocean island Diego Garcia and the expulsion of its indigenous people during development of the base. His writing has appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Mother Jones online, Foreign Policy in Focus, Chronicle of Higher Education, International Migration, and Human Rights Brief, among others.

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  1. Whenever a new war appears on the horizon there are peace oriented people who are tempted to support it because they have been convinced that it will solve some humanitarian crisis, end a dictatorship, or liberate women. They must remember that any support of any military action abroad amounts to retroactive endorsement of the displacement of the Diego Garcians, the theft of their property, the shooting of their dogs, as well as any number of weapons programs and military boondoggles of the previous three or four decades which they had likely opposed at the time. This war apparatus cannot be created on short notice for transient whims.

  2. Another very important issue very well covered.
    Hey, Scott, I just finished all your archived programs, working backwards to the beginning. . Quite a body of work!
    (I am accustomed to (and like) your hard rock intros, the fighter jet overlfight in a very early airing took me quite by surprise) 🙂
    keep it up

  3. I especially like the Karen Kiatowski interviews where she reveals just who was in charge at the Pentagon from 9-11 through the war in Iraq. Knesset and IDF members ran the joint. This has been corroborated many times since, but of course we hear nothing in the media. Over 900 Israeli's have been caught spying in the USA since the year 1999.

  4. All empires collapse. The U.S. will soon. Hopefully, all kidnapped populations will be able to return home.

    Keep exposing the criminal cabal, Scott!

  5. In 1971, I participated in two crimes against humanity. The first was serving in the Empire's Navy in the war against the Vietnamese people. The other was by being a crew member of the first American ship to sail into Eclipse Harbor in Diego Garcia. If I only knew what that navy recruiter was getting me into, I would have kicked that bastard right in the nuts and ran out the recruiting office door.

    Ken Dalton EN2 U.S.N. 1970-74
    USS Monticello LSD 35

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