Anthony Gregory


Anthony Gregory, research analyst at the Independent Institute, discusses the definition and history of habeas corpus, the unfortunate fact most Americans are either pro-Obama or pro-war, the Obama administration’s fight to deny habeas rights to Bagram prisoners and the continuing trend of presidents who embrace total executive authority.

MP3 here. (33:59)

Anthony Gregory is Editor-in-Chief at Campaign for Liberty and a Research Analyst at The Independent Institute. He earned his bachelor’s degree in American history from the University of California at Berkeley and gave the undergraduate history commencement speech in 2003. Mr. Gregory is also the recipient of the Ron Paul Liberty in Media Award for his Independent Institute article, “An Anniversary that We Must Never Forget.”

His articles have appeared in the San Diego Union-Tribune, East Valley Tribune (AZ), Contra Costa Times, The Star (Chicago, IL), Washington Times, Vacaville Reporter, Palo Verde Times, and other newspapers, and he regularly writes for numerous news and commentary web sites, including, Future of Freedom Foundation and Rational Review. Mr. Gregory is currently writing an Independent Institute book on individual liberty and the writ of habeas corpus.

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  1. Do and say what you like america has lost all her moral , ethical standard and will not likely to regain it in the foreseeable future If it ever does,and to make things worse she is flat broke relying on China and the gulf states to keep the us dollar from falling further.

  2. The Wealthy Old White Men that have been running the US since 1900 or so have stripped this nation of all Honor, Integrity, Ethics, Wealth nd Morality. Their Greed, Arrogance and Supidity have doomed us all and the Wold as well. When ussia and China realized just what an 'Inflatable toy' this nation has become, they'll disregard America like a shadow. We haven't much time to right he rongs of the Old Wealthy WhiteBoys. Unfortunately, his naion is asleep!

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