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Peace activist Cindy Sheehan discusses how to keep the antiwar movement alive during a Democratic presidency, the activist groups willing to trade integrity for Washington access, the universal right to life and liberty and Camp Casey’s move to Martha’s Vineyard during Obama’s vacation there.

MP3 here. (17:31)

Cindy Sheehan became a leader of the antiwar movement after her son, Casey, was killed in Iraq. Her efforts to get answers from President Bush, including a vigil in Crawford,Texas, have received national media attention. She has a website, is the author of Peace Mom: A Mother’s Journey through Heartache to Activism and wrote the introduction to 10 Excellent Reasons Not to Join the Military.

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  1. God bless Sheehan.

    And it is also very interesting how code pink have fallen off now that Obama won… So much for ideals

  2. I've never been impressed by Sheehan's ability to carry the movement. She is more of a facilitator of debate. The anti-war movements needs someone that can command attention. Sadly that'll never happen. The left is and has been fragmented by the proliferation of NGOs.

    1. Yeah, Sheehan should just stop if she can't shoulder the entire anti-war movement. I think it makes total sense. We need to be patient and wait for that one person, a Messiah if you will, that will show us the way. Until then, it's best to just keep our mouths shut.

  3. I'm not surprised about Code Pink, especially Medea Benjamin. They're opportunistic and just love to get their faces on TV. Getting mentioned in the New York Times is all they care about. I remember Benjamin getting upset with some Nader supporters because they questioned her support of Obama and started crying about how they were being unfair. GIVE ME A BREAK!!! The more I hear Sheehan talk, the more I love her! I always wondered how manipulated she'd been and I frankly hadn't given her enough credit.

    1. I used to read whatreallyhappened every day, but all it is is news articles with a few lines of comment by Mike Rivero. The reason why antiwar is superior is that they will look at an issue far deeper and in more detail (and with opinions from real experts). And Scott makes a fair attempt to play devil's advocate. (plus the fact that I've heard snippets of EPMD and Beastie Boys!)

      I know lots of 911 truthers hate Justin, but we ALL would like to know the truth about what really happened. Of course we never will.

      I am also Australian so a lot of Mike's news/hysteria is irrelevant to me. It just distracts ppl and makes them paranoid about everything.

  4. Mr. Righteous assumes he knows the motive behind peace groups and their silence.

    Maybe they just got tired.

    Divide and conquer Justin?

    Agent provoaeteur?

    1. HAHAHAHA!!!! They all got tired? From what? The tryptophan in their Obama sandwich? What's he supposed to do Jimmy? Tout the illustrious successes that the major Democratic front, er, peace groups have engineered? And if he points out their flaws he's possibly an agent provocateur? That's an interesting premise. What if you got an email from UFPJ or MoveOn telling you to change your tactics and to instead embrace the current wars? Would you? Would it then be okay to question them? Is that the threshold?

  5. Jimmy Dean, what in the world are you blathering about? Barely staying afloat and trying to raise money to keep going equals self-promoting blowhardship?

  6. Jimmy, that was Scott Horton and Sheehan, not Justin. What Really Happened is a great site, but they don't write their own material, it's a clearinghouse.

  7. Is there a way to download these MP3 radio shows to my computer, so I can listen to them on my MP3 player?

    Whenever I click the MP3 icon on this site, it seems I can only listen to it on my computer, and only while I'm connected online.

    1. you should be able to right click and save the mp3. if not, i would suspect that you have quicktime as your browser default player which treats it like a stream. try undoing that default and use winamp or vlc player instead.

      also, you can sign up for the podcast feed and have each one automagically downloaded to your computer as soon as their posted.


    2. Just right-click on "MP3 here" and choose "save target as…"

      I listen to all the interviews (and some Mises/Lew Rockwell ones) on the way to and from work everyday. Keep up the great work Scott!

  8. Cindy Sheehan is right on as always. We should all continue to support her.

    Once when the war movement was still switched 'on' she came to our aid when our landlord was trying to evict us for displaying anti war posters in the windows of our house..

    I remember as busy as she was then that she still took the time to make sure we were okay and we ended up keeping our sigans and the Nazi landlord had to back off..

    I equate her as the John Lennon of our time and I am sorry she had to lose her son to a war that is about nothing but emipe expansion and greed. She has a wonderful heart.

    So now we are bearing the rotten fruit of the Obama 'Peace Dividind' and the true nature of things have been revealed..And we all need to get back out there and all do what we can to see this through.


  9. Best wishes, Cindy!

    You are gettting to experience firsthand what Carroll Quigley wrote of in Tragedy and Hope – two sides of the same coin. Our enemy is the state, the welfare-warfare state. As long as the Federal Reserve System is allowed to exist with a monopoly to print notes out of thin air, the anti-war movement will continue to be infiltrated by opportunists. I hope you can take advantage of all that Dr. Paul offers.

    Speaking of opportunists in the anti-war movement, I was listening to 550AM, a Gainsesville, GA station, at 11:15AM and Mr. Michael Shuerer was being interviewed by a host named Brian and he had this to say::

    1. He thinks O'bama is the worst president he has known when it comes to the security of the Amercian people

    2. He supports increased civilian deaths in Afghanistan if it means increasing the security of Americans

    3. He supports the establishment of a CIA base to conduct drone attacks in Afghanistan because increasing the level of violence will allow for greater collection of intelligence

    Scott, I hope you call this psychopath out if you have him on your show again – all that talk of his about blowback and Israeli control of the U.S. – the guy's lost all credibility with me.

  10. I had totally forgotten about Cindy….didn't know that stuff about Code Pink (how disappointing). I wish Cindy all the best but I'm not too optimistic. At least she's doing SOMETHING though.

    Here in Australia everyone thinks Obama is great. I like to ask them why they think that. I haven't received any good replies yet!

  11. Sheehan gives what voice she has to the anti-war movement.
    Your statement: If she can’t do it all she should do nothing . (in my opinion just plain bs)
    By your thinking we should sit on our hands till Iran and Pakistan have been destroyed by the US war machine.

  12. mark aleshnick from Okinawa thanks You, Scott, for all You do EVERYDAY, and Cindy exemplifies the phrase NEVER quit — NEVER give up

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