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Regular columnist Jeff Huber discusses Bob Dole’s cheerleading for a 2012 Gen. Petraeus presidential candidacy, the constantly shifting Pentagon war slogans that distract attention from policy failures, why Obama can’t back down in Afghanistan after eschewing the Iraq war, how civilian-led nation building creates more targets for “insurgents” and Gen. McChrystal’s tough transition from assassination squad leader to civilian casualty handwringer.

MP3 here. (50:51)

Jeff Huber, U.S. Navy (Retired) writes at Aviation Week, and Pen and Sword. His novel Bathtub Admirals, a lampoon on America’s rise to global dominance, is on sale now.

14 thoughts on “Jeff Huber”

  1. Petraeus as a Republican president would re-jump start the anti-war movement. I have a feeling that nothings going to "change" in the next 4 years except Obama's approval rating, which is down.

  2. Perpetual war with some bananastan bogeyman is the only way the empire, in its present form, can continue. As long as the government can keep scaring enough people with ficticious threats and distract them from the failed state of the US economy, the empire will reign… Look for future "false flag" operations that will be staged in order to keep the masses in check.

  3. General Petraeus is a four-star neocon stooge, and General McChrystal has the background of a mob enforcer. These two could f**k up a wet dream.

    We ought to get the hell out of Afghanistan, that insoluble debacle. And, of course, let's get the hell out of Iraq, while we're at it.

    Best regards to Commander Huber.

  4. Petreaus could end the wars. Think De Gaulle – Algeria. Or maybe not. Who knows?

    I vaguely remember the Whigs running Winfield Scott, just before the whigs become irrelevant.

    I personally think Obama is value added in that he is a presentable African American. You will notice Collin Powell was talked about, what happened to him?

  5. Too bad Jeff doesn't have a clue what he is talking about where it comes Petraeus and what he would do or won't do. He won't run for office, that is a fact.

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