Scott Horton Interviews Adam Szyper-Seibert

Scott Horton, September 12, 2009

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Adam Szyper-Seibert, counselor and office manager at Courage to Resist, discusses Lt. Ehren Watada’s successful resistance to an Iraq deployment, the year-long waiting list for treatment at the VA, the fraternal bonds that keep reenlistment rates high, increased military success (since WWII) in training soldiers to be hate-driven killers and the “Ft. Bragg 50″ who are held without charges in degrading conditions.

MP3 here. (38:01)

Adam Szyper-Seibert is a counselor and office manager at Courage to Resist, an organization that provides support to military resisters.

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  1. I kind of disagree with the whole premise. Maybe someone who joined before 9/11 and suddenly find themselves going to Iraq has an arguement. But anyone who joins after and decides they don’t want to go should have to book thrown at them. But most the guys going AWOL are cowards, or have drug problems, it has nothing to do with being against what we are doing over here.

  2. Iraq is no threat to anyone. Its a lie by Bush and his minions to get oil and use troops as fodder for it. Send all gov. officials to combat, they will think twice about making wars.

  3. You're crazy.

  4. You're crazy.


  5. "I kind of disagree with the whole premise. Maybe someone who joined before 9/11 and suddenly find themselves going to Iraq has an argument"

    so your basic point is that some one who joins the military thinking that they will never have to face combat or make any sacrifice, but at the same time getting all benefits accorded to them. have every right to resist being deployed.
    while the young kids who were bombarded from every corner of society that they had to "sacrifice" and to "serve" their country to "defend there homeland" young ignorant kids who were lied to from the very first "goarmy" ads all the way to the promises of the v.a. these kids who a cynical nation threw away they "have to book thrown at them."

    "cowards, or have drug problems"
    what a farce in this society that gives kids powerful drugs becuase they figit to much, any one sent to kill (innocent) people, should have the right to drown the misery imposed on them with whatever they so chose. no one else sure cares what happens.
    as far as cowardice is concern i have been in a mortal situation in my life and it breaks a little bit of your humanity, so i can not see how any one refusing to be deployed to an occupation as being a coward,
    that is of course assuming you believe in humanity and not just the modern god of state

  6. RE war-tax resistance … and the LEFT!

  7. Excellent news regarding Lt. Watada. Best wishes to the continued resistance by the truly courageous.

  8. Awesome interview Scott. Good to hear about Lt. Watada standing up to the establishment and prevailing. I've sent this interview to 2 vets I know–they'll appreciate it. Keep up the great work as always.

  9. Are you serious? Just because someone signed up, for whatever reason, you think they should have to go on committing war crimes? Cowards? It takes a lot more courage to stand up to superiors, colleagues, and idiots like you than it does to follow orders and kill defenseless civilians.

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