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Robert Parry, founder of, discusses Ronald Reagan’s lip service to torture prohibition and support for atrocities in Central America, the hypocritical critiques of “moral relativism” by amoral neocons, the inheritance of an entire generation of government-worshiping journalists, Islamic fundamentalist blowback from Reagan administration attempts to weaken the USSR and the quid-pro-quo deal that enabled Pakistan to develop nuclear weapons.

MP3 here. (63:13)

Robert Parry is an investigative journalist who won the George Polk Award in 1984 for reporting on the Iran-Contra affair and uncovering Oliver North’s involvement in it. He is the founder and editor of and author of Neck Deep: The Disastrous Presidency of George W. Bush, Trick or Treason: The October Surprise Mystery and Secrecy & Privilege: Rise of the Bush Dynasty from Watergate to Iraq.

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  1. What are you people out there doing!?! Listen to this interview! Kudos Scott and Robert! This is, I do believe, the best interview I've heard yet!

  2. Very good interview. Love the discussion of the selective outrage expressed by American scare-mongers to different countries pursuing nuclear capacity!! So much more attention needs to be paid to the hypocritical US foreign policy towards nuclear proliferation outside of the NPT. It encourages cheating and creates self-fulfilling prophecies of nuclear proliferation.

  3. I was a soldier in the Army Guard 2003. Went AWOL after meeting those who were in Iraq and said "Stay out!" I could no longer be in bushs war, I will not be party to murder by oil-lovers.

  4. "What are you people out there doing!?! Listen to this interview! Kudos Scott and Robert! This is, I do believe, the best interview I've heard yet!"

    indeed, as far as just really covering the field and making alot of very important connections.
    definitely one of the best interviews.
    maybe you can get back on the 1 hour interviews.
    and i think a bit of a who's who show for the obama administration would be a good idea

  5. Good interview but a little late on their timing… Congressman Oscar Callaway called attention to the problem of centalized media control long ago.

    Congressional Record, Volume 54, 9 February 1917, pp 2947-48

  6. Despite the charade of democrat vs republican every four years, it is easily discerned that politics is a contiuum.Nothing changes except the flow of money to different pockets.Policy remains the same.

  7. Ronnie Raygun… The "one" for whom so many conservatives will cream their pants when his name is reverentially mentioned. The same one who gave the green light for an operation that blew up at least 80 or so. Yep! That and so many other things that only go to show the man was as slimy as every other lizard thats occupied the oval orifice.

  8. Good for you, exposing Reagan’s horrid human rights record. Paul Craig Roberts, a former Reagan treasury official, attempts to distinguish himself from the Neo-cons, whom he is very critical of. He is often published on His recent moral outrage doesn’t wash for those of us who remember Reagan’s foreign policy. He is a pleasant fellow but his rehabilitation won’t be complete until he owns up to Reagan’s legacy and its ongoing impact on our democracy.

    Reagan’s Cap Weinberger was instrumental in helping the Guatemalan military during the Congressional arms sales ban. The Israelis were also instrumental in supplying weapons, military advisors and computer surveillance equipment that helped the Guatemalan genocidaires carry out their deeds during this period. The death toll is often quoted at 200,000, by the way. Read Jane Hunter’s excellent book, “Israeli Foreign Policy in Latin America and South Africa” for more on this subject. The zionist “left”, like Nat Hentoff, ignored and covered this up.

  9. It was a fascinating interview. I thank Robert Parry and I thank Scot Horton. However, whether Americans vote for a Republican or a Democratic administration, it makes no diffrence. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) just keeps getting re-elected. Since before WWII, the CFR (the ruling establishment's primary front group) has maintained a stranglehold on America's foreign policies with devastaing consequences for American lives, American liberties and American prosperity. They control foreign policy by getting their members appointed to a majority of key cabinet posts in every administration, Republican or Democratic. Until the ruling oligarchy's CFR is exposed for the liars, thieves, cutthroats and murderers they really are, and driven completely out of the federal government, expect no positive changes in America's foreign policies. A must read book: The Shadows of Power – The Council on Foreign Relations And the American Decline, by James Perloff. After reading this book, you will know who and what is the root cause for America's continuing immoral, unjustified, aggressive and imperialistic foreign policies.

  10. Scott hope you do some stories about how the MSM has ignored the UN Report about Israel's crimes in the Gaza. Rachel Maddow Keith Olbermann those liberal journalist ignoring this…suprised>

    Mondoweiss is really doing a great job covering the release of this report

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