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Investigative journalist Philip Weiss discusses the divide between establishment foreign policy realists and neocons on Israel/Palestine issues, the Goldstone fact-finding mission‘s conclusion on Israeli crimes in Gaza, the ability of narrowly focused interest groups to dominate U.S. policy and the hard reality of life in the Gaza Strip.

MP3 here. (25:37)

Philip Weiss is an investigative journalist who has written for The Nation, New York Times Magazine, The American Conservative, Jewish World Review and other publications. He is the author of American Taboo: A Murder in the Peace Corps and writes the blog “MondoWeiss.”

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  1. Perceptive fellow, Weiss.

    Of course Israel should be in the dock at the International Criminal Court for its crimes against the Palestinians. The U.S.–Israel's sugar daddy and protector–looks the other way. This stokes the Middle East's hatred of America. Obama's pretty words don't mean a damn thing over there.

    Israel has got to be cut off from America's apron strings.

  2. What is utterly astonishing about the American media is that none have ever in the past 4 decades brought the question of Israeli nuclear arsenal up in a news conference given by US presidents.

    1. I heard Helen Thomas mention Israel's nukes once at an early Obama news conference. A hush fell over the White House Press Room ….. Obama danced around the issue a bit and then dropped it like a hot potato.

  3. Is this a true compound statement: Israeli = Jew = Zionist?

    Is this a true statement: Not Israeli = Anti-Semite?

    Israel is like the thorn in my foot that I can't remove with tweasers.

  4. Since when sis you start policing comments, Scott?

    Just received this message after a post:

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  5. Philip Weiss sure is a refreshing change from deceptive blowhards like Chomsky. Chomsky wouldn't even acknowledge that the Israel Lobby is a major factor pushing for war with Iran. He also disparages the notion that the Lobby plays a significant role in middle east policy formation, preferring instead to tilt at windmills like the American high tech firms Hewlett Packard and Intel who invest in Israel. Philip Weiss really puts the lie to the hackneyed canards promoted by Chomsky that America is Israel's "godfather" whose demands Israel cannot refuse.

    1. Chomsky is a good man although like you I disagree with him on this point. As with airplane crashes, storms, and psychological depression, the phenomenon of Zionism and its control of the US government is multi causal. There are many links in a disaster chain. Chomsky is correct on the link on which he chooses to focus. He is incorrect in his belief that it is the only factor. I don't think he is deliberately deceptive and he has done valuable work shining light in dark places.

      Meanwhile this Philip Weiss is sure a breath of fresh air and his blog includes a broad spectrum of thoughtful analysis.

  6. James baker thinks you cant settle anything in the middle east with the muslims unless you solve the problems in Israel with the palestinians first . Jews must leave the West bank , Israel must be punished for the crimes against the childran of Gaza . Palestinians must have the right of return . Israel should give back the holy city . Israel crimes are endless and they must stop , or there will never be peace ,according to the 500 page Gladstone report . Even amercia's Jews ,and the Obama administation knows this , all of europe , the United Nations , All say the same thing . Attacks are happending all over the world India , London ,Spain , NEW YORK , Utah , Bosnia , Kosovo , Russia . France . Pakistan , Afganistan , BUT this is not the Middle East ? IF the Jews build fences or fire muslims from their rail road jobs we call it aparthied or raceism , The United States is not a raceist nation we imported hundreds of thousands of muslim brothers after they shot down our helicopoters ,and happily drug the dead american pilots threw the streets cheering . I believe the world is nuts ,we should all

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