Melvin Goodman


Melvin Goodman, former senior Soviet analyst at the CIA, discusses┬áthe Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) response to torture investigation naysayers, early indications that the investigation will focus on low-level operatives instead of policy makers, the Washington Post’s role as CIA apologist and how the U.S. occupation of Iraq is shaping up to be this generation’s “Forgotten War.”

MP3 here. (22:25)

Melvin A. Goodman is senior fellow at the Center for International Policy and adjunct professor of government at Johns Hopkins University. His most recent book is Failure of Intelligence: The Decline and Fall of the CIA. From 1966 to 1990, he was senior Soviet analyst at the CIA and the Department of State’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research.

2 thoughts on “Melvin Goodman”

  1. Scott, I seriously urge you to start on ongoing even if intermittant series dealing head on with the Iran Contra ….conspiracy–hope you have recovered and continue reading. Many of the same criminals then repopulated the 2 Baby Bush terms–and some are still on tv like Ollie North.

    Besides that, it is important to show Democratic complicity with the cover up eg Lee Hamilton.

    By the way, wasn't he one of the 911 Commissioners?



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