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Brad Friedman, Publisher and Executive Editor of The Brad Blog, discusses the “too big to bust” problem with Sibel Edmonds’ far-reaching accusations, compromised investigative entities (FBI, Congress, MSM) that risk self-implication by doing their jobs, former FBI manager John Cole’s corroboration of Edmonds’ claims, the continued Brewster Jennings mystery, failures of the 9/11 Commission and the buried FBI investigation of Marc Grossman.

MP3 here. (54:52)

Brad Friedman is a Los Angeles-based investigative citizen journalist/blogger, political commentator, broadcaster, author, Commonweal Institute Fellow and the Publisher and Executive Editor of The Brad Blog.

Brad is a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post and has written articles and editorials for The Guardian (UK), Mother Jones, Editor & Publisher, ComputerWorld, Columbus Free Press,,, Harvard’s Nieman Foundation of Journalism and Hustler.

6 thoughts on “Brad Friedman”

  1. Best regards to Brad Friedman. He's doing excellent work on the Sibel Edmonds case.

    The District of Corruption is–well, the District of Corruption. Anything goes.

  2. I will always remember Friedman's work on the murder of Ray Lemme, the Florida DOT Inspector murdered while investigating voting fraud during the 2000 election. An election that brought the Bush crime family into power; and, of course, the rest (911, anthrax attacks, illegal wars, PATRIOT Act, Homeland Security, Military Commissions Act, Cheney hit squads, cratered economy, millions of death in Iraq and Afghanistan) is history.

  3. Horton and Friedman seek truth in a world of lies… Justice comes in the next world, not this one, it is already lost..

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