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New Mexico Republican Congressional candidate Adam Kokesh discusses the voter’s remorse felt by antiwar Obama supporters, how Christian Just War theory can turn conservatives against the Afghanistan war, the tiresome “can’t let the troops die in vain” argument and the wide divide between Republican national leadership and the party’s grassroots.

MP3 here. (24:05)

Adam Kokesh is a former marine and current Republican Congressional candidate in New Mexico’s third district.

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  1. Why did Scott treat Adam like trash. They argee on the wars. Is there something behind the scenes or what? That was weird.

    1. Certainly not my best. It think it was a bad combination of having no sleep and trying to play devil's advocate – plus my natural bias against anyone who seeks political power.


  2. I have to admit I was/am somewhat skeptical about Kokesh's decision to run for Congress – I mean I thought to myself isn't that what John Kerry did? Goto war,do bad things, then come back and declare himself suddenly anti-war and use it as a platform to get into politics? After hearing Scott's fairly skeptical interrogation of Kokesh, I have to admit he held his ground pretty well – he certainly talks a good talk. But then that's what politicians do, right? I won't hold my breath, but we shall see.

    1. Kerry and Kokesh bear no similarity. Kerry voted for the 2nd Iraq invasion. And he never said he would bring the troops home to this day. Obummer took a stronger stand against the war than Kerry did. Well, when Obummer was running for president at least, not after he was elected.

  3. I'm sure you're right about the use of this "born again' style tactic in the political realm. And being skeptical about someone's true motives generally, but especially with political figures, is absolutely necessary and appropriate. However, in the end, its still a judgement call by each individual weighing the evidence as they see it. I have to say I was shocked at my own experience in 1992. During the early primary season that year, for reasons, better left unsaid, I was a C-SPAN junkie. For maybe the first time, I really paid attention. I listened to the presidential candidates. The one candidate in the field who impressed me as not only knowledgeable, but focused on the right issues, as well as truly genuine, was Jerry Brown. If there was ever an example of the potential for a "born again" electioneering tactic, he was the poster child. I weighed that against what I heard and saw, and came down as a strong supporter of Jerry Brown.

  4. Adam Kokesh at least has the credibility of being an Iraq Veteran Against the War (IVAW) from the beginning. I first heard his testimony at the Winter Soldiers link at along with the testimonies of many other Iraq War Veterans, and I long for the day when these hero veterans take congress and eventually the oval office, the entire lot, back to the principles upon which our Consitution was founded.

    The technical aspect of all Scott Horton's interviews is the same. His audio is always Xtimes2 decibels higher than the person he interviews. Why is that not fixed?

  5. Do you want to turn people against the war?

    Make them fight in it. Institute a universal male/female draft for every citizen 25 to 49 with a three-year mandatory service period.

    The outcry within the first three weeks of the first comfortable middle-age draftees leaving for basic training will cause an outcry like you've never hear and end the war quick fast in a hurry.

    Until then, it will keep chugging along, Vietnam-style, until we either conquer the country or get driven out.

  6. Scott, you need to move back to Texas. You are going to wind up allergic to conservatives. Justin R is right – the left don’t care about foreign policy (most of them), they just want to try and force equality through redistribution of wealth at home (although globally would be better) and they will do/ignore anything to get it. You can’t make them see the light because they don’t really care, you can only embarrass them by exposing their lies.

    Anyway, you should do more shows like the one with David Vine going into the foreign bases – the wars *will* stop because people die, because they get on tv and because they are expensive, but the bases will stay forever. They are a much harder nut to crack.

    You should strike while the iron is hot, while there are still wars to be antiwar about and people are thinking about this stuff.

  7. With all due respect Scott, when you said, “You gotta compromise, you gotta end up turning into an evil person, just look at all 535 of them,” did you happen to notice you lumped Ron Paul in that bunch? You’ve certainly shown Dr. Paul respect in your interviews, so I doubt you meant to do that.

    Personally, from what I’ve seen and heard, I agree with the Facebook kiddies: I think Adam is the “real deal” and will be far more immune than most to corruption. But perhaps your skepticism is warranted; after all, he is not even 30 and has no experience in the halls of Mordor. Time will tell, but I am cautiously optimistic.

    And while I agree with you that Adam (or anyone else for that matter) would better serve the cause of liberty by continuing his work in the antiwar / freedom movement instead of running for office, I think he can do some good work promoting the cause of freedom as a congressman as well.

  8. I was disappointed when Kokesh announced he was running for office. Ultimately, its what the people of New Mexico want.

    All I know is I would rather have him out there giving stump speeches like the ones he gave at last year's Revolution March on D.C. and Ron Paul's Rally for the Republic. Talk about inspiring. Unfortunately, he did not speak directly to your questions on a personal basis. In fact, he sounded very pedantic and evasive.

    Good grilling, Scott. A healthy disrespect for government and those in government is essential to defending liberty. I think you are also seeing what happens when popular people decide to run for office. There is only one Ron Paul.

    Don't get any ideas.

  9. I, like Scott, have a cynical distrust of anyone seeking office, so I thought the grilling of Kokesh was appropriate.

    How can he bring up the Non-Aggression Principle and still run for office? Either you accept that principle (and thus reject the State outright) or you don't. Arbitrarily applying it is nonsense. Tempering it with "realism" is just rejecting it outright for fear of the boogie man (the A word).

    Christian Just War Theory: What complete rubbish! If you want to call it "We Wanted an Excuse to Kill People so We Scoured The Old Testament and Ignored The Teachings of Jesus in Favor of Catholic Theologians Just War Theory", ok, at least I'll respect your honesty. But Jesus didn't provide ANY justification for war, nor did any of the Christians who penned the New Testament. Commands to "turn the other cheek", "love your enemies", "pray for those who persecute you", and "overcome evil with good" weren't given with a collectivist exception either (if someone attacks you, turn the other cheek. If someone attacks your country, kick their ass!). Violent self/national-defense and Christianity are incompatible. By bringing up such nonsense, you instantly discredit yourself as a "Christian" and as a consistently rational and honest speaker. Come to think of it, Mr. Kokesh, you're perfect for Washington.

    And yeah, I'd like to hear that debate ("Republican party was formed in war", "that's debatable"). When was this mythical Republican party that Kokesh, Ron Paul, and others always bring up? Ron Paul bills himself as an "old school" or "authentic" Republican. But when were his views ever truly embraced by the Republican party (in more than just empty rhetoric)? I'm going to go out on a limb here since I don't have an exhaustive knowledge of American political history, but it seems to me that people like Howard Buffet, Robert Taft, and Ron Paul are the very rare exceptions and were never the defining element of the GOP.

    I'm glad Kokesh is anti-war. Stick to that topic and stay away from the State.

  10. "And yeah, I'd like to hear that debate ("Republican party was formed in war", "that's debatable"). When was this mythical Republican party that Kokesh, Ron Paul, and others always bring up? Ron Paul bills himself as an "old school" or "authentic" Republican. But when were his views ever truly embraced by the Republican party (in more than just empty rhetoric)? "

    When did Ron Paul ever say the Republican Party was traditionally non-interventionist? He pointed out usually the GOP, in a historical context, was generally opposed to war mongering. It's only in recent years when nutjobs like Mccain & Graham came up with this "Let's attack any country that says something bad about Israel" nonsense. Nixon, Reagan, Eisenhower were generally cautious with their foreign policy. The Democratic Party on the other hand has been war-mongerers since World War 1. And modern day vermin, I mean liberals, only used anti-war talk as rhetoric. Hence why Charlie Gibson recently called Cindy Sheehan an 'attention whore.'

    Anarcho-Capitalism, by the way, has always been the most peaceful ideology. Protesting not only against immoral wars, but immoral theft (taxation).

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