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Jonathan Kolkey, creator of the World Wide War Project, discusses his research project that anthologizes over 300 wars, the common link all wars have in common, the correlation of election cycles and war making decisions and how the Soviet empire differed from its contemporaries.

MP3 here. (25:26)

Dr. Jonathan M. Kolkey, UCLA History Ph.D. (1979), has long been involved in the most ambitious research project ever undertaken to identify the single, root cause of war by examining exactly how and why at pivotal moments political leaders throughout the ages made the decision to involve their own nations in war. As far back as 1973 while still a UCLA graduate student — and studying under world-class scholars Robert Dallek, Bernard Brodie, Robert Jervis, and John S. Galbraith — he decided to devote his academic life to finding as many “case histories” as possible in order to verify his hunch that at bottom the decision for war was invariably based on cynical, calculated domestic political considerations.

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  1. The US (i.e. the Pentagon) aims to achieve a disarming and unanswerable first-strike capability. They have been working at that always, especially since the days of Casper Weinberger, he stated on TV-reported by Professor Anderson in BAS-that the US aims to achieve a First-Strike Capability. It´s extremely complicated and it takes decades to achieve a disarming capability. But it´s the very utmost insanity to think it´s possible to limit casualties in the US. Nuclear Winter. 100 explosions is enough. It´s the Pentagon´s drive for a disarming and unanswerable first-strike capability that leads to war. Trident missile engineer Bob Aldridge- this and resigned. Because, logically, the Russians can only respond by implementing Launch On Warning. It´s fine that Obama cancelled the missiles in Poland but it´s only to put a more advanced system at sea.

  2. That's awesome. Now I need to hoover up even more information.

    "In accordance with the abundant symbolism permeating this website, neither Ronald Reagan nor Karl Marx escape Dr. Kolkey's censure. "

    I would say the Great Communicator should definitely get censure for a joyful bit of Middle American ultrakill and for laying blowback mines like there was no tomorrow, though he _did_ somewhat engage with the USSR later on. Marx never got anyone killed directly but his inner demons definitely opened up Pandora's box.

    Relevant: ("Karl Marx as Religious Eschatologist")

    Relevant: ("The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil")

  3. What a condescending son of a gun. Scott Horton is a very knowledgeable guy and yet Kolkey treats him as if he's speaking to a child. The guy must have a huge ego. And reducing all wars to one cause seems truly idiotic. Such a pompous typical academic. Of course he starts with his favorite "Pastry War" because he knows no one else but him has ever heard of it. So right away he establishes his fake "superiority". Please!

    Then you go to his website and it prominently displays two pictures of him. One with a statue of Karl Marx. What's that all about? Does this guy think of himself as the reincarnation of Marx? Unfortunately for Scott, Kolkey tried his best to turn this interview into an infomercial for his website.

    But as always, Scott showed that he is a great thinker and very knowledgeable on a wide range of topics. His comments were very insightful. Scott obviously takes his role as the defender of the common man seriously. He manages to combine humility, intelligence, compassion and a fighting spirit into one package. I may not agree with everything he says, but he is a True Patriot.

  4. Scott, thanks for the reference to Senator (and subsequent Emperor) Palpatine. From one Star Wars fan to another, that was quite correct, and very clever. I'm cautiously looking forward to Tuesday's release of Death Troopers. It's the first Star Wars horror novel, apparently partially inspired by the film Alien, and unlike most (but not all) SW novels/graphic novels, this one deals mainly with the stories of original characters, both soldiers and civilians.

  5. it's the freakiest show. is there water on the moon?
    what foreign language did obama ever achieve comptetency in? this should be a prerequisite for politicians, as it is for the foreign service?

  6. If you really want to know the answer to the question of: "What causes wars?" You need to look no further than the simple answer… Lies.

    Most all of what goes on in modern American society is based upon lies. The head liars allow enough crumbs to fall off the table so that the masses remain placated and kept running on their individual wheels so that they continue to feed the lie.

    The reason that it has succeeded for so long is that the propaganda mill (MSM) works 24/7 to keep the masses distracted and believing that they are smart & prosperous while the head liars steal their sweat, their wealth and their children…

    The liars are running out of lies and it will all come to an end, soon.


  7. i cannot consider myself up to date on this subject, possibly ever, but given the kung fu movie genre, why is china missing? they seem to be gung ho more than a little.

  8. What he is talking about is "branch" causes.

    The root causes are much more, well, radical: 1) In terms of philosophy, psychology and consciousness: the universal failure to understand the origin of the unitary human consciousness and the emergence of the dualistic, 'phenomenal consciousness' in opposition to that original "observing consciousness" (Created 'by and in the image of God'); and, 2) in terms of theology (specifically with regards to the conflicts in the Middle East between Jews, Christians and Muslims): the failure to understand (and the categorical denial) that the Doctrine of "resurrection" implied in the Torah and taught by Isaiah, Daniel, Jesus and Mohammed is a Doctrine of 'Rebirth' rather than the doctrine of a physical raising of a dead body from the grave.

    "All else is commentary" for the purpose of preserving the dualistic, 'phenomenal' consciousness of the 'self' and the 'thinker'; at least some of which is tentatively intimated in the writings of J. Krishnamurti (the 'unintended consequence' of which, quite probably, will be the annihilation of human civilization itself) …

    Which perspective is, of course, relentlessly suppressed by the folks at,, etc. etc. etc. as being utterly irrelevant to the issue of violence and war.

    1. and while yer micking what ya'ev been schooled,don't forget the paired sets and oppositesto the / of the mirred image and the inheireintly inate,the alter ego,the super ego,and of course last but not least the anti ego,,,just made that up,not to mention the baser quadrents of the sub-consciosouss animal/creature_monster beast ? , fyre,(untouchable),temporary(internet file overload)memory(perferred or otherwise)eternal(aka-vernal & carnal) yea you got it some whair in thair it all,well that and herd mentallity and the rank of those more equal than rank itself PS maybe you should have been a prison gaurd or soilder if all ya seek is to rationalize the tense aka as past

  9. Anti-war cred instantly out the window with "I like Barack Obama".

    Whenever I see an "Obama 08" next to a "Peace" bumper sticker on a car, my first instinct is to ram it off the road. Then I remember that I reject violence as a means to an end and quickly try to pass that car so that the cognitive dissonance on their bumper won't give me a head ache.

  10. Had to listen to the interview twice to confirm my suspicions regarding Mr. Kolkey.

    Conclusion: arrogant prick funded by the criminal enterprise in D.C.

    Thanks for exposing this guy as the rube he is – it is amazing to me what a person reveals about themselves just listening to responses to your questions. Who the f**k does he think he is critiquing the anti-war movement? You didn't ask him that. You asked him to tell us about a war we knew about, not some obscure French patsy war. He's spent 30 years researching what is common to all wars? Classic example of living off of the public trough. Why does the anti-war movement need to know why wars are fought?

    Oh, Iraq tweaked the U.S. This guy is a moron. What about addressing the fact that wars can't be fought without soldiers submitting themselves to the state? Political-business partnerships that manipulate people into war? This guy had a chance(on the public dole) to expose the truth and instead we get a giggling jag-off that is a collectivist.

    I prefer the way Rothbard and Mises write history or others at Mises: Higgs, Riggenbach, etc.

    Thanks for shedding the light on this goober.

    By the way, new tag lilne for – "we try to revise history in real time here everyday". Love it.

    1. Glenn, I know Dr. Kolkey personally you are amazingly 100% wrong about him. He has dedicated his life to pursue the cause of war to his financial detriment. He has in no way profited from this endeavor. Quite the opposite. Most of the time, he gets flack from guys like you who don't really want to hear what you has to say. He is in no way subsidized by anyone but himself. Try in the future to think a little about what you write about someone else.

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