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Aaron Emery, member of the Campaign for Liberty, discusses the war-weary recalled soldiers who must choose redeployment or jail, how stop-loss acts as a backdoor draft, recruiting campaigns that play on a “coming of age” mythology and how an indoctrinated culture of combat defines a soldier’s self-worth.

MP3 here. (25:17)

Aaron Emery is a Volunteer Campaign Advisor and Administrator for Jake Towne for US Congress (PA-15th District). He is published on several sites and is an active member of the Campaign for Liberty. Aaron is passionate about keeping government within the bounds of the Constitution and from interfering with citizens’ lives. Most of his writing deals with government, politics, economics, and money.

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    1. Strictly speaking, there's one party–the DemoPublican Party. Sure, it has two wings–Democrat and Republican–but that's just for show.

  1. Regarding a side point about "stop loss", the practice of holding active duty volunteers past their discharge date: from Aaron's comments, it appears that the Pentagon has decided to replace "stop loss" with calling up the recently discharged from the reserves. So all they get is an extended, unpaid leave and disruption of school and work plans. I think this practice is deceptive, dishonet, and designed to fool the American people into thinking that the abusive "stop loss" program has been ended when it really hasn't.

  2. The best things that came out of the Vietnam war was a collection of bitter young men who, while "serving" their country, came to loath their government and a future generation of parents who would say hell no to a draft of their children.

    It's no wonder where the militia/survivalist movement of the 1980s and 1990s came from. And why DC pushed so hard to demonize it.

    I imagine the current crop of combat vets will follow the same path over the next 20 years.

      1. They didn't sign up for 25 years, like the Roman legions.

        Also, usually you enlist when 17-18, when you are immature. A few years later, with more experience, you may think differently.

        1. Damn straight.

          My compliments to Aaron Emery. Young men and women, listen to what he has to say.

          If you enlist in today's U.S. military, you'll be at the disposal of whatever warmongering chickenhawks are in power.

        2. They still do have the choice the guys who were packed off to Vietnam never did have. Surely some of the 58,000 guys who died there wouldn't have gone if they had been able to choose to enlist instead of being drafted.

          1. But the soldiers today don't have the choice that Vietnam vets had…a well paying civilian job. In the 1960s a guy sweeping up the metal shavings from the floor of a machine shop could make ends meet.

            Today? The only way for a large percentage of the population to secure a full belly and a roof over their head is by enlisting in the military. DC knows this, hence no draft. It's not needed. Not to mention that whoever in DC brings about a draft will be commiting political suicide.

            Sooner or later those soldiers in today's combat zones will question the wisdom of "defending" a nation whose only offer of meaningful employment is to go out and kill people and destroy things.

          2. They still have one choice that was available to the troops in Vietnam. Frag your gd commanding officer!

            That's what fighting for freedom really looks like

  3. Fine reflective pointKSB29…….. I intuited a gut feeling about this, when my first reaction to the Mc'Meth Chrystal upping of the bidding from 4O,OOO to 6O,OOO…….like OMG where they gonna come from..??

    I guess, in the end when there are 33,OOO just sitting in Okanawa, [good sushi,sex post] and Germany
    [good beer and debauchery post] has another 7O,OOO over in Germany using your tax dollars to have sex and weaken the dollar, they could send some of them to fight [or wait to be blown up] in Afghanistan… I just never got it, why there [are?] were 37,OOO U.S. troops in Okanawa… Didn't Bush 1 send the Japanese 17 TONS of Plutonium, enough to make at least 136 nuclear weapons??!!

    Which is it……They CAN be trusted with 17 tons of Plutonium….OR…….They can't be trusted and we need to keep troops there in case they go rogue…… One or the other please, both don't werk!!!

  4. You guys are a little off.

    A lot of young people do it for the reasons you guys suggest, so how does that make them bad people. They want to serve their country, become men, be a leader, overcome a big challenge like basic and then fight in war.

    Just because they were born in these times does not make them any less heroic than the WWI and WWII generations. They joined and fought for the same reasons kids do nowdays.

    I like to tell myself now that I am doing it for guys like Ron Paul and Scott Horton. NOT the Federal govt, or for neocon dreams, but for the American dream where Dr. Paul can go around the country and tell the people why this is wrong. I feel like a tool of Dr. Paul, not our govt. Maybe by America being sold on this and how badly it went, the people will think again before trying something like this again.

    I have not killed anyone and like to think I’ve done some good. Of course the occupation is wrong, and many before me did not do the right thing and killed the innocent.

    The Army is just a makeup of America, you have your ignorant and smart. Don’t assume most don’t think like you guys, I have noticed especially this tour many more are against it, but life in Iraq is not bad now.
    Sure you can call it welfarism, but I like to think I am getting all that tax money I will pay back.

    1. (SIGH). Everything you say is wrong, but I've learned how hard it is to reason with guys in the military. The propaganda is very strong.

      1. Just wait until they are recalled to active duty from the reserves to serve more tours. They won't be singing the Army's praises then. But until then, you're absolutely right about the propaganda. Moreover, the psychopaths that gravitate toward military service will always be happy to kill, rape, pillage and destroy.

  5. "I just never got it, why there [are?] were 37,OOO U.S. troops in Okanawa…"

    Because the other Japanese don't want 37, 000 US soldiers nearby, raping their daughters, etc., etc. I'm sure the Navy in Yokosuka is bad enough.

    "Didn't Bush 1 send the Japanese 17 TONS of Plutonium, enough to make at least 136 nuclear weapons??!!"

    Happily, the majority in Japan is still very much against nuclear weapons. Not eager to give up the peace constitution at all.

    Lester Ness

  6. My oldest brother served in WW2 from Normandy thru the Bulge.He saw American GIs misbehave more badly than the Jerries (the word Nazi wasn't in use yet). Anyone who wants to know why WW2 was really fought, google Former Sec of State James Baker's interview in Der Spiegel, 1992.

    1. James Bacque has documented GI misbehavior toward German POWs very thoroughly. The former Freikorps soldier Ernst von Salomon (who was on the outs with the National Socialists and never served in the German military, btw), likewise documented how his wife was raped and he was badly beaten by GIs when they were rounded up for their denazification "interview."

  7. Good interview.

    It seemed like I was listening to a man going through a personal transformation. Your direct questions made him struggle to find the right words – not quite comfortable with invasion or occupation, rather than war; fighting and killing, rather than murder; can't blame military, rather than serviceman being willing dupes and partners in a criminal enterprise. I'm hopeful he'll get there.

    According to the U.S. Constitution there is no allowance for a standing army nor are appropriations to be longer than two years. And enlistees are obligated to 8 years! Ahh, public education system – like pigs to the trough.

    Ron Paul has repeatedly said the message of freedom is powerful – open to all, exclusive of none. Education is the key in the battle of ideas.

    As so many are finding out, the wisdom of knowing what the right thing to do is a long way from the virtue of doing the right thing.

    Scott, your example of the kind of military we are supposed to have makes sense. Enlistees would be serving the country, making a sacrifice, and perhaps even worthy of being called courageous. These would be people paid to wait for an attack and be willing to be killed before a defense could be started. The aggression would have to be initiated by another force first, losses suffered. The burden would be on the U.S. Government to not incite aggression towards the U.S.

    A simple ideal. I think it would work.

  8. Dear Brothers and Sisters, Sons and Daughters of Liberty,

    There are only two types of human beings.

    One type just wants everyone to leave everyone else alone and these humans are students and advocates of the Philosophically Mature Non-Aggression Principle.

    The other type refuses to leave others alone and these humans are the Mobocracy Looter Minions with their hords of bureaucrats, jackboots, and mercenaries that perpetuate the perpetration of the loot and booty gravy-train. Rob-peter-to-buy-paul’s-vote bread and circuses of the doomed Amerikan Empire.

    You are either the one…or the other.

    The John Galt Solution of Starving The Monkeys is the only solution. Stop funding and forging your own chains and shackles. What are you leaving for your children and grandchildren and prodigy!?!

    The Mobocracy Looter Minions must be allowed to consume everything around them, then each other, and finally themselves. There is no other way. Ayn Rand wrote about it over fifty years ago and it rings as soundly today as it did then.

    Get your copy of Starving The Monkeys by Tom Baugh today, before the book is banned and the author is hunted down and Vince Fostered!

    John and Dagny Galt
    Atlas Shrugged, Owner’s Manual For The Universe!(tm)




  9. One can become a ‘man’ by going off to college, no?
    The armed forces are VOLUNTARY and yet they keep sighning up! This sickens me!! On top of that, they cry the blues when given a hard time by THE EVIL EMPLOYER!! Hello, you arse, you made a deal with the DEVIL!! What did you expect?? Remember……AS LONG AS YOU CONTINUE TO GO IN, THEY WILL BE HAPPY TO MAKE WARS FOR YOU!! EVERYONE IN AMERICA AND ESP. THE KIDS IN THE MILITARY NEED TO SEE THE MOVIRE…”WHY WE FIGHT” —it’ll open your eyes!

  10. "who must choose redeployment or jail"


    Matthis Chiroux refused to deploy on the grounds that it was an illegal order for various reasons, and WON. He got discharged and even got to keep his G.I. bill benefits. Look it up!

  11. I was really touched by this man's honesty and candidness in that he said, quite freely, he had made up his mind to refuse to return to the military but when faced with the actual prospect of prison he lost his nerve. I think that they go to military prison, where I suspect thet are given a particularly hard time in order to act as a deterrent to others who have the same in mind. As is mentioned in the interview, guys are incredibly young and impressionable when the sign up and easily fall victim to the positive spin. This is a story of a journey of how one guy became convinced of the futility of these wars through his own enquiring mind. How many of us know for sure how we would act if faced with the same choice? Notwhithstanding a few saints out there anyone who feels that sure hasn't faced the choice.

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