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Debra Sweet, National Director of World Can’t Wait, discusses the post-Obama antiwar movement collapse, the strange confluence of The Feminist Majority and the Bush administration in selling the War in Afghanistan, the laughable notion that the Pentagon can be used to secure human rights, Afghan warlords allied with the Karzai government whose human rights records are no better than the Taliban’s and how activists can make their voices heard on antiwar issues.

MP3 here. (25:46)

Debra Sweet is the National Director of The World Can’t Wait. The World Can’t Wait organizes people living in the United States to repudiate and stop the fascist direction initiated by the Bush Regime, including: the murderous, unjust and illegitimate occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan; the global “war of terror” of torture, rendition and spying; and the culture of bigotry, intolerance and greed. This direction cannot and will not be reversed by leaders who tell us to seek common ground with fascists, religious fanatics, and empire. It can only be possible by the people building a community of resistance – an independent mass movement of people – acting in the interests of humanity to stop, and demand prosecution, of these crimes.

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  1. Tiller was killed in Wichita, not Omaha. I know that may be anal, but I had to say it, especially since I was across the street attending my own church service when it happened.

  2. Obama is a coward, a sell-out, a spineless equivocator who will in the end side with the warmongers due to the massive pressure they are putting on him.

  3. Obama does not have a bad start , I believe he is opposed to war and will not give into the people desiring war for wars sake . However you must keep in mind that often retreating is the best way to advance war . I prey obama will fight for peace , If that what it takes

  4. Thanks to Scott for bringing on this real leftist. Seems like real leftists and real conservatives have a lot in common – it's the fake "liberals" and "conservatives" who are supporting the war mongers.

  5. Scott,

    Debra Sweet was a wonderful guest. Great to hear a real true blue liberal on the program. You should bring her back again sometime. How about bringing on Lori Wallach of Global Trade Watch onto the program? She is a trade lawyer by trade (pardon the pun) and she has the most wonderful talk and load of information concerning so called "Free Trade" and how NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO, FTAA, and other new world order agreements and organizations are destroying not only America but many other nations (First, Second, and Third World alike) using multinational corporations as tools to impoverish literally billions of people.

  6. Perhaps we are forgetting the bankers, Rothschilds, etc. who are driving the action. Ms. Sweet and others mearly report from the banker's point of view. Thank you.

  7. A red flag always goes up when I here someone talk about "saving humanity".

    Makes me think about all of the Rockefellas and associated criminals in banking and government. They are all collectivists trying to dictate behavior. What business is it of World Can't Wait if there are people that make a living in the drug market. It is government intervention that distorts our choices.

    The essence of being anti-war, to me, is that it is pro-individual liberty. Any less and you will forsake it in the name of government coercion which will lead to violence.

    Anyone following Ron Paul during the past election knew there was no difference between the Smelly One and the Insane One – you know the old adage: the check is in the mail, I'll call you in the morning, I won't …

  8. This is a bit late, but … to Chris … she may have been referring to pharmacists who refuse to fill prescriptions for birth control pills based on their "beliefs" – which I believe was upheld in at least one court. (Suggestion: find a new profession more in line with your "beliefs".)

    To Glenn … I think you've lost the context here. I'm pretty sure the only behavior WCW is trying to dictate is the end of imperial invasion and conquest (the ultimate government intervention, wouldn't you say?) and the end of killing people; which sounds like a "pro-individual liberty" agenda to me.

    It's certainly a saner agenda than an invasion/occupation that re-opened a flourishing heroin trade controlled by vicious warlords and their equally vicious underlings. In such a climate of fear and intimidation and addiction, the promotion of "individual liberty" is as Utopian as "saving humanity".

    To Scott …. great guest – a return appearance please – and perhaps a representative from the veteran's group she was referring to. Thanks.

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