Kelley B. Vlahos


Kelley B. Vlahos, contributing editor at The American Conservative magazine, discusses the indirect U.S. and NATO funding of the Taliban, David Kilcullen‘s mixed bag of Afghanistan policy assessments, Obama’s lack of allies in the State Department, the military’s seizing of initiative from the indecisive Obama administration and how the U.S. embrace of India prompts Pakistan to increase support for the Taliban.

MP3 here. (46:50)

Kelley Beaucar Vlahos, a Washington, D.C.-based freelance writer, is a longtime political reporter for and a contributing editor at The American Conservative. She is a featured columnist and Washington correspondent for Homeland Security Today magazine.

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  1. A group of 9 scientists, one of them Niels Harrit from Uni of Copenhagen, have examined the dust from WTC and found that the two planes didn´t bring down the three towers, it was nano-thermite did it ! The scientists calculate that 10-100 tons of nanothermite were placed in the towers. On Danish TV 2 Niels Harrit was asked, "How to bring in so much nano-thermite without anybody noticing ?" He answered, "You have to ask head of security that question". It was an Israeli firm, wan´t it ?

  2. Damn Horton, take your meds! You were so RANTY in these latest two, if your lefty pals hear some of this stuff they'll stop taking your calls.

  3. My compliments to Kelley Vlahos. She does a good job of discussing the messy ramifications of the Afghan debacle.

    Get the hell out, now.

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