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Gabriel Kolko, author of the article “Israel: A Stalemated Action of History” at, discusses post WWII immigration restrictions that encouraged many European Jews to settle in Israel, the limited tolerance of Israeli citizens toward unrelenting state militarism, how Jews are more culturally defined by nationality than religion and the end of the U.S.-dominated unipolar world.

MP3 here. (23:29)

Gabriel Kolko is a scholar and activist who has written widely on sociology, philosophy, and history. He is the author of fourteen books including World in Crisis: the End of the American Century, The Age of War: The United States Confronts the World and Triumph of Conservatism. His articles often appear on and

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  1. Many Palestinians are prepared to exist side by side with Israel but the truth of the matter is that Israel is not ready to set its borders because the religious right and their various affiliates still dream of greater Israel and still remain in power. Great Jewish voices such as Chomsky and Finkelstein are maligned because it serves Israeli radicals and American radicals for Israel to become a Jewish state rather than an all inclusive democratic Israel.

  2. The US blocks all attempts at sanctioning Israel at the UN and the US gives Israel more aid annually than it gives the entire world in aid. So it is clear what the obstacles to peace are; so in the nicest possibly way stop funding terror America.

  3. British statesmen like Ernest Bevin and Churchill warned at the time that splitting up Palestine into two states would lead to permanent war in the Middle East. To-day we know how right they were.
    The only ealistic viable solution to peace in the ME can only be a UNITARY state as was envisage by the Britsish at the time.

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