Scott Ritter, James Bamford and Glenn Greenwald


Scott Ritter, James Bamford and Glenn Greenwald were guests for the 11/17/09 KPFK Pacifica Radio edition of Scott Horton’s Antiwar Radio show.

The show is about an hour long and can be listened to here, beginning at 1:29 into the recording.

Scott Ritter discusses the Iranian nuclear program, James Bamford discusses the national surveillance state and Glenn Greenwald discusses what the upcoming Khalid Sheikh Muhammad trial in New York means for the rule of law.

Update: The pilot show will air again on Thanksgiving at 5 pm, 90.7 in L.A., 98.7 in Santa Barbara.

Update 2: If you liked what you heard, why not shoot an emailĀ  over to

19 thoughts on “Scott Ritter, James Bamford and Glenn Greenwald”

  1. WWW, Trident missile engineer Bob Aldridge knows everything-and that´s the reason he is no longer chief ingenier of Trident-2 -because he does know everything-e.g. Nuclear Empire by Robert C. Aldridge, ch. 9. Do sleep well or get mad as you should – Brigadier Harbottle told me they are bloody foools in the Pentagon because they don´t believe in Nuclear Winter.

    1. Hi, David. (How's that for realignment, huh?)

      I'm pretty sure the file is all there. It should be 57:56 and end with some Beastie Boys there… If not, try clearing your temp files. It usually does the trick.


  2. I thought you did a great job, Scott!

    So this was an audition show for a slot on KPFK, Pacifica's Los Angeles station? Right on! I hope you get a regular show– KPFK would greatly benefit from your expertise and skills.

    Pacifica says it's about free speech. The anti-war movement needs all voices at full volume. It's about time the anti-empire right and anti-empire left found ways to get together to dismantle this Empire for the benefit of all.

  3. I don't know Horton sounds to reasonble to aware of what being a human really is for Pacifica.
    This is the radio station where some hosts were selling coconut juice as a miracle cure for shingles,herpes,exhaustion and obesity. This is the station where some hosts were celebrating because Al Franken(was pro Iraq/afghan war) was elected to the senate. This is a station where a host was saying the brown people of the world didn't know of all the good things the U.S. was doing and that we needed better pro us propaganda.

    1. Yes, you are right. KPFK's fundraisers have also included hours of on-air lunacy about "Chem Trails" (a paranoid argument that the US Government is secretly spraying "stuff" into the air through a global network of aerosol spraying planes) and "The Secret" magical positive thinking "documentary, etc. That kind of mindless or worse garbage has made it impossible for me to recommend the station as a whole to colleagues at work.

      And as a paid-up listener/subscriber, I've written and called many times to complain and argue for less (how about no) baseless paranoid magical thinking programming and more reality-based (but not blind) content please.

      BUT the station also has Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! and many sane public affairs programs that are worth their salt. Many of the same guests (such as all three guests in this audition program) Scott interviews regularly here I first heard on Pacifica and KPFK.

      Yes the station is "uneven" (to say the least) and "unpure", but that's all the more reason why Scott's voice of sanity is needed there– and here. Pacifica needs the fresh air.

  4. Just listened to the show with some colleagues at work. It's unanimous: We Want More Horton!

    Keep it up,
    Your Canadian Fans

    P.S. Screw all your haters

  5. Scott, I hope you get a slot on the station. How amazing would it be to have an anti-war voice on the mainstream. Is there anything people can do to help you, i.e. write letters and listen to the show? When is the next show?

  6. What about an interview with Niels Harrit, Uni of Copenhagen, who together with 8 more scientists discovered nano-thermite in WTC ? By the way, on the morning of 9/11 more than 100 million dollars were transfered from WTC to foreign accounts. The German computer firm that discovered this says that the transaction indicated foreknowledge of the attack. The German computer firm refuses to say to which account the money went or to comment any more on the matter. My guess is that the money went to some account in Tel Aviv. Remember the "Israeli art students" who celebrated the attack as it happened on a hill outside N.Y. ? They had foreknowledge too. Strange, isn´t it ?

  7. Well done Scott. I always enjoy you on Kaos and it'll be nice if you can get a regular gig on this new station in addition to your Kaos show.

  8. I must comment on the drive for a Yottabyte database. Even a million square foot data center could not house a yottabyte because the physical capability to store this amount does not exist (yet). If I high end hard drives are capables of 2 Terabytes and world wide capacity is for ~1 billion hard drives per year, one could potentially purchase zetabytes of storage if one bought up all hard drives and flash drives produced. But technology is advancing…a yottabyte may be possible with a lot of money in 10-15 years.

    I appreciate Scott and his show in many ways but some technical background on the issues they discuss would be helpful.

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