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Gareth Porter, independent historian and journalist for Inter Press Service, discusses Obama’s decision to send another 34,000 troops to Afghanistan, the inevitability of a negotiated settlement with the Taliban despite military escalation, how bureaucratic propagation and policy momentum keep the Afghanistan disaster moving along and the RAND Corporation’s role as think tank and cheerleader for the U.S. Air Force.

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Gareth Porter is an independent historian and journalist. His articles appear on Counterpunch, Huffington Post, Inter Press Service News Agency and

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  1. As per Neocon and Zionist TRAITOR to the U.S. – William Kristol – the U.S. is the "new Rome, more powerful than the old Rome" – a more powerful empire! Of course, the 'old Rome' is merely dust on the pages of History which is exactly where the U.S. is headed. More troops to Afghanistan will only accelerate the destruction of the U.S. – as with the Vietnam War, the Generals are once again WRONG! Nikita Krushchev was correct in two of his obervatiuons and predictions: "We don't have to worry anout the United States. They will spend themselves out of existence" – and – "We will never have to attack the United States. They will fall like a rotten plum from a tree." So right he was! On to Afghanistan – "the graveyard of empires and of soldiers."

  2. This means that the Israelis can continue to drive the Palestinians into smaller and smaller areas as we get busy in Afghanistan. The Iraq war was really the war for the West Bank.

  3. According to former Trident missile engineer Bob Aldridge- Pentagon aims to achieve a disarming and unanswerable first-strike capability. Minuteman-3 and Trident-2 D5 linked to GPS obtain a CEP (Circular Error Probability – – the radius centered on the target in which half the warheads are expected to hit) of 30 meters or less, enough to destroy any hard target. And according to Bob Aldridge the US Navy can track and destroy all enemy submarines simultaneously. Please see Robert C. Aldridge: Nuclear Empire, ch. 9). Even if the Pentagon´s First-Strike Capability is only for blackmail, the Russians may have no choice but implementing Launch On Warning. Bob Aldridge resigned because a disarming and unanswerable first-strike capability is suicidal.
    I hope you agree that the Pentagon´s First-Strike Capability is the most urgent problem because it inevitably leads to Launch On Warning.

  4. Porter states in this interview that "the left" resists rational analysisof the current machinations of Empire.
    If he means the Obama/Clinton neocon wing of the Democanic/Republicrat Imperialist corporate social engineering war pigs, then perhaps he is correct..
    The Left I identify with knows better. And understands Obama is no part of it.

  5. When Scott asked "why?". One thing came to mind. A quote by George Orwell from the excelent book 1984. — "The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power."

    And so, the object of (this) war is: war.

  6. Hey Scott,
    This was another great interview. I have a suggestion for a future program. Could you do a show with Chris Rodda (or Mikey Weinstein) on the huge influence of evangelicals in the U.S. Military, and how it drives U.S. Policy? That would be helpful to make some sense of what is going on, I think.

  7. On the morning of 9/11 more than one hundred million dollars were transferred to foreign accounts from WTC. The German computer firm that handled WTC refuses to say to which accounts. Anyway, a group of 9 scientists, one of them Niels Harrit from Uni of Copenhagen, have established that nano-thermite was placed in the three buildings. And the Israeli "art students" celebrating the attack on a hill outside New York as it happened ?

  8. I agree with mayority that continuing war will destroy US.How ignorant are this republican that they forget that Vietnam was lost but make changes by itself and now america is frendly with Vietnam,the same will hapen after two years without any solution solgiers will came back with lot of suffering in theirs family without any reason and america with ignorant like Mc Cain and worst like limbauch wil have more disabled people for care and less less resorses for raning the economy an Japan will become best economy secound will be china with Rusia

  9. I think there is one overriding reason why ending this war is so unthinkable in our culture, given the absence of ANY real strategic logic as you and porter are pointing out: It all comes down to the fact that everyone in media and in politics is too invested in the narrative.

    Gareth has done a good job in the past of focusing on the narrative as the dominant force in driving history, much more than any one collection of interests. Im a little surprised this aspect didn't get more attention from him this time around, but still a fascinating discussion.

    Great job as always scott

  10. It is actually a pretty useful article.

    And Rumsfeld was right about the air war cause American won't accept the deaths of American soldiers but they will go along with mass killing those on the other side.

    Then again if someone is a Bathist , a Khomeni follower or an Al Qaeidst then have joinedor support a fascistic hate group like the Klan and deserve what they get.

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