David Weingarten


David Weingarten, producer of the documentary movie Unfair Dealing: The Toronto Homegrown Terror Threat, discusses the “Toronto 18” group of terrorist suspects accused of planning to make truck bombs and behead Canada’s Prime Minister, the role of police informants in procuring bomb-making materials and bringing the loosely affiliated group together and how extended pre-trial incarceration encourages guilty pleas.

MP3 here. (29:24)

David Weingarten is a Toronto-area broadcaster, the President of Bridgehead Productions, and the Webmaster of Weingarten.ca.

3 thoughts on “David Weingarten”

  1. The Toronto 18 was a contrived police and security PR operation from Day 1.

    Most of the 'terrorists' have pled guilty in return for release. Another was sentenced to a hefty prison term after his confession. This probably as a 'hook' to make sure he testifies against the remaining 2 terrorists in the hope of getting a conviction without having to expose the role police and security forces played in enabling the plot.

    Canadians couldn't feel much safer after this farce.

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