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Becky Akers, columnist at, discusses the TSA’s plan to see every air traveler naked, harsh criminal penalties for resisting body searches, the TSA’s failure to discover or thwart a single terrorist and why concerned citizens and locked cockpit doors provide better security than a multi-billion dollar government agency.

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Becky Akers, an expert on the American Revolution, writes frequently about issues related to security and privacy. Her articles and columns have been published by, The Freeman, Military History Magazine, American History Magazine, the Christian Science Monitor, the New York Post, and other publications.

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  1. There is a line from the Bible that says: “The wicked flee when no one pursues…”

    That is all that one needs to know to understand the rationale behind these actions.

  2. I think it sucks when a paying customer is treated like a common criminal. The measures the TSA takes such as forcing passengers, who pay there salaries, to take off thier shoes is undignified at the very least.

  3. Damn, makes ya proud to be an AmeroCONNED SHEEPLE!

    Amerika is just f'ing pathetic.

    AmeroCons are but braindead, brainwashed sheep.

  4. Look, the TSA or the TSA agents themselves are not a nefarious bunch of nazi wannabees. The TSA is just the symptom of the post 911 craze and the outcry by the public for more security at the airports. And when the snowball is sat in motion, it will be hard as hell to stop.

    From what I gather, these naked scanner things are for people that have been caught in a control (read: brown people) and refuse a strip search. They then have the option to go through the naked machine. It does not have a hard drive, photos are not saved. We are not talking pedophiles looking at naked children as this lady makes it look like.

    These machines are just a product of the gold rush for security companies that followed 911. ¨'
    Government says to security companies: "Here is a wad of cash, make us more secure."
    Security companies make up expensive sci-fi gadgets and everybody is happy.

    1. where is the "public outcry" for strip search machines? I don't hear it. The TSA is demanding more and more draconian, invasive, and time-consuming security protocols. If anything most travelers are fed up with the excessive procedures costing them missed flights and aggravation. You act as if the people are in control or something.

      1. The outcry was not for strip search machines specifically. It was for more security at airports, and when the government puts out a few billion dollar contracts you can count on that every security firm will jump on it.

        Either way this is not some conspiracy to turn USA into a gulag, but rather a product of the paranoia and madness that gripped USA after 911.

        1. that's right, the key word is "was". the WTC attacks happened 8 years ago and I'll agree there was an almost surreal level of paranoia in the public at that time, fueled on generously by the media. But a lot has happened since then and opinions have changed. Not everyone is "happy" as you put it. Many, many people are fed up. And yet the TSA, like a metastasizing cancer continues to grow relentlessly despite the change in public sentiment. The word "conspiracy" the way you use it is irrelevant. The salient point is that the people have no control over policies no rational person would find acceptable – such as ever increasing, never-ending security parameters at airports.

        2. But paranoia, etc., are turning the USA into an authoritarian entity which owns a gulag, in Bagram and elsewhere. Don't assume it's only going to be Arabs and Mexicans and Muslims who will disappear nacht und nebel. Anyone who angers someone with clout is in danger.

  5. Give me a friggin break….. putting the dumbest of the dumb at airport security is NOT the answer, even if they have machines to take yer cloths off or see thru them… It is what you carry in the hand luggage [carry on] that counts.. I recently walked past old women taking their shoes off with a suitcase with 80 pounds of wires, switches and cameras….. Not a peep from TSA robots…..

  6. My compliments to the freedom-loving Becky Akers.

    The TSA, like the Department of Fatherland–er, Homeland Security, is a bunch of taxpayer-supported slugs. They do a piss-poor job of “protecting” us, but they treat law-abiding air travelers like shit.

    I know people (I’m sure you do, too) who fly as little as possible. Air travel is increasingly burdensome and unpleasant.

    1. Of course! Religion is one of the most authoritarian institutions in US society. The average mega-church looks pretty authoritarian to me.

  7. This lady is a moron. If she did any research on the topic she would realize this is a alternative screening procedure that is an option for the passenger to speed the process. The image that it provides is about as graphic as a pencil drawing of the outline of the body. Do your homework and don't bitch. Unless you would like to tell the families of 911 and you would rather complain with simple ignorance.

  8. TSA killed people. Lady please……… Like Tony said do your homework and don't state facts that are simply not true. There should be laws against making illicit, nonfactual allegations to ones government.

    1. Jessica and Tony sittin' in a tree…. two authoritarian peas in a pod who are either spam-artists or derive their entire world view from watching the Bill O'Reilly show. "Just shut up, salute the flag, and thank god you live in a free country where you can speak your mind!" Does that about sum up your irrational mentality?

    2. 'There should be a law…' mentality got us the evil empire we currently live under today. In fact, there should be far fewer laws – epecially ones as threatening to civil liberty as your proposed law would be. You would have us living in a new USSR, it would seem.

  9. Thats right, Jessica…. "there oughta be a law". Spoken like a true boot licking slave. I've traveled overseas on numerous occasions and only in MY country am I treated like a piece of beef. To watch the sad spectacle of how people are herded, and shouted at, like cattle at LAX is to weep for what once was. Think about it. If the most powerful and expensive military and civilian agencies in the world at the time of 9/11 couldn't or wouldn't stop what happened then what makes you think ( and that might be asking a lot ) that tossing countless dollars after that failure will do anything? Think again…. They FAILED but were rewarded anyways! What a way to go.

  10. I agree with Tony and Jessica. Trying to fight your government for trying to protect you from harm that obviously CAN happen without security is just childish. For once I wish that people in this country could start acting like adults and start trying to be part of the solution and not trying to create more of a problem. Think of it this way, Yes TSA was set up in a knee jerk type of way but what happens if the enemy continued to persue our aviation as a target. Our leaders had to do something to protect our economy and enable people to feel safer in the skies. Look at what happened to our economy when we shut down the flights just for those few days following 911. Now whether we as a country like it or not there has been tremendous funding thrown at this agency and the only answer you can come up with is get rid of it? I don't think so… We need to try and come up with solutions to the things we have issues with such as working with the new administration and their administrators put in place. I would think with this administration the time is pretty good to see everyone's perspective a little clearer.

  11. Now I hope instead of moaning and groaning websites like this can turn over a new leaf and become part of the SOLUTION not the PROBLEM. If we do eventually finally get out of these wars which with any luck will happen sooner than later. We are going to need a Homeland Security as good as or better than Israel's and we still have a long way to go. Although those big airports have serious customer service issues I hope all we can do is move forward to a SOLUTION for all of us United States citizens.

    1. We wouldn't need any of this high tech security "as good as or better than Israel's" if we didn't have a foreign policy that looked out for Israeli interests over American interests, hence pissing off a large portion of the world. We don't want to live with a siege mentality like the Israelis do. We don't want Israel's problems that it created for itself. The Israeli-cization of American politics,culture and now even Airport Security is a consequence of sacrificing American interests to pursue a foreign policy in the middle east which benefits Israel and a handful of pro-israel people at the expense of nearly everyone else in the middle east region. You want to talk about solutions how about making a clean BREAK from any sort of cooperation with or support of Israel and it's belligerent, genocidal policies against the Palestinians and it's other neighbors? That would go a much longer way towards reducing the likelihood of terrorism than strip search scanners at airports.

      1. Guest I read a book once with a guy that hated the Jews as much as you seem to. Its about a guy that lived back in the thirties and fourties; his name was Hitler and he also blamed all of his problems on the Jews.

      2. Does Israel have strip scanners at Ben Gurion Airport? It's been a few years, but when I used to visit Israel to do archaeology, people had to go through the equivalent of customs. Agents would look in your carry-on baggage, ask questions like "did you pack your bag yourself? Did anyone give you a package to deliver?" And they looked for suspicious behaviors. It was slow (you had to arrive 3 hours early) but not high-tech.

      3. For the US to *really* become like Israel, everyone would have to start taking 4 hour lunchbreaks (including nap). Our 2 parties would have to become a dozen or so. Imagine the John Haggee Party threatening anyone who voted for the Pat Buchanan Party with eternal damnation! Who knows, it might be an improvement!

    2. The solution to the problem would be if the US government quit making enemies everywhere in the world for us ordinary Americans! There is absolutely no need for the US government to be attacking someone or other every year or two, yet that's what's been going on for all of my 56 years! Make friends, not enemies, if you want to be safe.

  12. I've been through a lot of airports over the years, some with quite high security (Tel Aviv) but I've never seen anything like this. American gadget-mania!

    Time to go back to sea travel? I've steamed across the pacific half-a-dozen, thanks to the USN, and have pleasant memories. You can't be in a hurry, of course.

  13. The new comunist state of America is how it should read,USA is slipping into the dark side,many of you do not know how it was living in east Germany at the time,if you did you would not like the direction the USA is going,government people don’t get checked,Obama and Clinton don’t give a rats ass about you people,the world is getting darker with people in power like that

  14. I can find no finer example of "locking the barn door after the horse has escaped", than the TSA. If the pilots of the hijacked planes on 9/11 had overpowered the hijackers and safely landed their passengers, upon landing they would have been arrested for violating FAA regulations dictating that pilots fully cooperate with hijackers. That all changed the following day, so why was the TSA brought into existence?

    I used to fly to vacation destinations. I no longer do so. The TSA stands as a glaring reminder of how cowering this nation has become.

    1. If the cockpits had been closed off from the passenger compartments, with no door, not intercom, etc., hijackers could not have flown the planes into buildings.

  15. When that nearly off-duty TSA guy told Scott, "you could be a terrorist," Scott should have replied, "Well actually you could be a terrorist too. And using the government's own definition of "terrorist," you–being a tax feeder trained to arms by the government–are statistically far more likely to be one than I."

  16. I would have expected that Pres. Bush's fundamentalist supporters would have associated TSA, and scanners, with the government of the Beast, and complained.You

  17. You know, 100 years ago, 1909, one of us could travel almost anywhere in the world without a passport! (China was a rare exception.) My grandfather got on a ship in Drammen, Norway, in 1915, got off in New York City, and the only problem was a German U-boat searching the steamer for German draft-dodgers! Six weeks (or whatever it was) quarantine at Ellis Island, and he took a train to his uncle's house in Linn Grove, Iowa. You can't go from NYC to NW Iowa so conveniently anymore, either.

    Now our fearless leaders won't let us travel inside the US without giving us trouble. Soon enough, the RFID chip on your driver's license will be an internal passport.

  18. Reason’s Courage is not Cowardice or Defeat.
    by joemorales (AT)

    Copy ”’sBO.htm ” and paste to to read in your language.

    For 2500 years the Afghanis have fertilized their valleys with invader blood.
    They are used to the idea that Afghanistan is the “Mount Everest” of empire builders. This rugged independence loving race has been infused with Greco-Macedonian genes from Alexander’s campaign. Alexander, with an international force of almost half a million battle hardened warriors, could not meaningfully defeat the various Afghan tribes for over 4 years until he finally struck a truce with a main tribal chieftain by marrying his daughter & ordering his troops to also marry out of the various tribes. With his rear seemingly secure, he could expand his empire into India. But by that time his troops were weary, much of the allied force had melted back to their respective countries, some of his officer companions challenged his adventurism to their death, & he himself was wounded in India. A large element of his force “withdrew” by sea to their Mediterranean homes while he & his remnant force began a trek back to Iraq where his beloved Chief Officer Companion was poisoned as well as himself. Alexander’s Afghan wife, Roxanne, will be remembered for delivering the final blow to Alexander’s empire.

    The Brits invaded Afghanistan with a 30k force. Only one survivor stumbled back in 1841. They went back in 1878 & were cut to ribbons.

    “The Soviet Union’s Afghan War served as a catalyst for it’s collapse.” According to Retired CIA officer & Soviet Specialist, A. Arnold.

    Afghanistan can probably be conquered in a week with a NATO force the size of Alexander’s. But the Afghan fighters will scatter to surrounding countries where they will leisurely recruit more fighters & wait because, like Mount Everest, the empire builders cannot stay for they must move on to conquer under the guise of trumped up excuses. CFR Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter’s National Security Adviser, and CFR Robert M. Gates, director of central intelligence during the George “Poppy” Bush administration, and Secretary of Defense for George “Dopey” Bush & his Houseboy, “Audicity of Dope” Obomber, administrations played a fundamental role in crafting US policy, which, unbeknownst even to the mujahideen, was part of a larger strategy “to induce a Soviet military intervention.” In a 1998 interview with Le Nouvel Observateur, Brzezinski recalled: “The day that the Soviets officially crossed the border, I wrote to President Carter… We now have the opportunity of giving to the Soviet Union its Vietnam War.” As Hillary Clinton admitted, it is the unelected CFR that dictates the US foreign policy & not elected officials.

    CFR General McChrystal wants thousands more troops for “Operation Failure”. More troops mean more dope customers but it also means more witnesses of CFR corruption. More troops also mean more “friendly” fire & accidents.

    Wear your poppy proudly. American troops have been hijacked & exiled in perpetual war distractions in remote lands fertilizing CIA poppy fields in Afghanistan with their blood while mercenary forces operate within US borders as the real 911 terrorist murderers continue the plundering Iraqization of America. Not surprisingly, both Summers and Geithner are veteran members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) who have led our nation’s economy into the present debacle. The Iraq war, alone, would have paid for Obama’s Health Care “distraction” yet very few Americans seem to have a problem with the sensless squandering of money & lives in fanning the fires of world conflict to the point where the USA has become too distracted missing strategic opportunities as the rest of the world is forming new financial alliances . The USA & it’s NATO allies will not build empire but they can turn this planet into a funeral pyre. World War III may be perceived as a mere war between nations but in reality it will be the third installment of the divide & conquer scorched earth strategy war against Allah, Elohim, or God & all that he has created.

    So… What are we being distracted from? The media quickly buried Rumsfeld’s 9/10/01 announcement that US Gov. lost 2.5 trillion dollars. Find your trillions & you’ll find your 9/11/01 perpetrators.

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