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Gareth Porter, independent historian and journalist for Inter Press Service, discusses Obama’s compromise decision on troops for Afghanistan that pleased nobody, the divergent goals and methods of al Qaeda and the Taliban, serious logical flaws in the “disrupting terrorist safe havens” rationale for war in Afghanistan, the Democratic Party strategy of acceding to any military demands and the obstacles to a third-party uranium encrichment deal with Iran.

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Gareth Porter is an independent historian and journalist. His articles appear on Counterpunch, Huffington Post, Inter Press Service News Agency and

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    1. Nice for President Obama to send 30 000 soldiers (other People's children to Afganistan) will he ever send his DAUGHTERS to defend the US ? WE ALL know that this is an UNWINNING War, tried /FAILED before, by the British and Russians., and sooner THE U S A .
      Tthe Afgans are wating for the USA to get out before they go for their FINAL MATCH, in the mean time as The Chief of staff say, we will be loosing (wasting, my word) more of our soldiers.

  1. I am listening to all this war….really feeling stressed out… Is our own government trying to decrease our own population in the name of Governmental Power the Oh Mighty Dollar….Please rethink this WarPlan or stratergy it is not going away……Talk to each other instead of at each other……Peaceful talk seem to think of this a coward way out..Why? I am praying for our troops who are arms way and under order of their superiors..Don't we learn our lessons from FT Hood…Our Troops will not say anything but follow orders…..

      1. What do you wanna bet a lot are would-be immigrants who want to become citizens? Fooling themselves that they will get through it safe?

  2. Scott, on the Taleban guy clip from Amy Goodman`s interview with Jeremy Scahill… How do you commit a false flag *suicide* bombing? Where would ISI find people willing to blow themselves for a *false* flag? I do not think it possible.

    1. There are plenty ways. For example you can use a courier to transport a package to a location and detonate it remotely, or you can recruit a member of the resistance to smuggle or deliver arms (like a bag of mortars) and detonate it whenever he reaches the place you wanna bomb.

      Furthermore in poor areas in pakistan you can always find an opium junkie that can plant a bomb for you in return for money or drugs.

    2. Suicidal people are common everywhere. The CIA would have some false-front pretending to be patriotic. Everyone everywhere is raised with the idea 'dulce et decorum pro patria mori', that it's a good thing to sacrifice oneself for country or family. Combine that with suicidal feelings, and you'll see why recruiting people for suicide missions is never hard, in any war.

      1. It is one thing to recruit someone for a suicide mission, another thing altogether to recruit someone for a FALSE FLAG suicide mission. People will die to strike at the enemy and be revered by their own, they will not die to strike at their own and be cursed by them.

        1. You would be amazed to see how resourceful the people that are trained and overseen by the CIA are. How about Egyptian intelligence that in order to plant a spy inside Ayman Zarqawi's organization lured one of the member's kids into a hotel, drugged him and had him sodomized all night. And later showed pictures of the act, threatening to show them to his father if he did not plant microphones at home and tell them their meeting habits.

  3. To hear an alternative interpretation to Gareth Porter's on America's role in Afghanistan, listen to the Terry Gross interview of Peter Bergen from last week. These guys can't both be right. It would seem that Obama gave several different speeches since no two people can agree on what it was that he said.

  4. Come one people Osama is dead! he was dying of kidney failure in 2001!!!!! Dr David Ray Griffin has done excellent research in this area, being a logician he step mby step analysis the evidence using scientific method and one cna only conclude the guy has long been dead!!!!

  5. Does anyone really think Obama is free to get out of Afghanistan (and Iraq, too, for that matter)? What would happen if Obama were to announce, "I'm taking the United States out of the warfare business and dismantling the empire." Is there any doubt about why Martin Luther King met his fate? It was when he began speaking out against the Vietnam war. And per your recent guest James Douglass, John Kennedy ran afoul of the power elite when he showed too much interest in peaceful overtures to the Soviets. Obama may have taken the only path where he can reasonably expect to survive–politically and otherwise.

  6. Obama said repeatedly and clearly on the campaign trail that he would INCREASE troops in Afghanistan. Anyone who voted for him cannot (should not) be at all suprised by this.

  7. I am shocked! Absolutely shocked to find that the Democanic/Republicrratic Corporate social engineering Imperialist Party has continued with only a new face running the same administration…..

  8. come on dude. you know obama is scared to death of palin and only trying to appease to get re-elected for 2012 while showing he is not a patsy liberal but a neoconned war monger like his and bushes alltime hero lincoln.

  9. Thanks, Scott and Gareth.

    I know we all try to make sense of the continued occupation and consequent death and destruction in Afghanistan.

    The one idea I try to keep in mind is a lesson learned from G. Edward Griffin in his book The Creature from Jekyll Island. In it, we learn that the stated goals of the Federal Reserve System is to maintain price stability and full employment. It has failed miserably at achieving its stated goals. So what is its true purpose? He answers that question nicely.

    Apply this lesson to the U.S. Government's invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. Now, I don't know what the stated goals have been nor what has been communicated recently. On the other hand, what is being accomplished by continuing the invasion and occupation?

    The Unites States Government is the greatest threat to all peaceful, freedom-loving people that just want to build a life for themselves and their families – anywhere in the world.

    One day we are going to look in awe at the Afghanistan people that stood up to the world's largest collection of mass-murderers in order to defend their homes, leaving the country that provided a safe haven for the barbarians broke and in decline.

    We will see those defenders as examples of the courage and resolve needed to live freely.

  10. Its been said that "the farther backwards one can look, the farther forward one is able to see".

    Using the eventual collapse of Imperial Rome by ,,,according to most historians by "barbarians" it becomes rather evident that in time ( personal progno. 2027) is when the USA will vacate Afghanistan and the other some 150 millitary bases/countries it presently occupies.

    Until then we all can enjoy and celebrate, as long as one is still alive, the Fourth (4) of every July.

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