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Ellen Cantarow, author of the article “Living by the Gate From Hell” at TomDispatch.com, discusses the Israeli barrier wall’s effective annexation of Palestinian territory, the change in West Bank Jewish settlements from temporary trailers to elaborate housing developments, agricultural gates operated by Israel that control when Palestinians can access their own land, how Palestinians are denied a right of return while foreign descendants of Jews can claim citizenship and how a partial West Bank/Galilee land swap would rid Israel of a large part of its Arab population.

MP3 here. (38:43)

Ellen Cantarow, a Boston-based journalist, first wrote from Israel and the West Bank in 1979. Her work has been published in the Village Voice, Grand Street, and Mother Jones, among other publications, and was anthologized by the South End Press. More recently, her writing has appeared at Counterpunch, ZNet, and Alternet.

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  1. the berlin wall also had alot of electric fence, which was the largest portion of it. there were two fences with a no-man's land between it that people were tunneling under.

  2. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.

    If I turned up in England and demanded that some Pakistani or Jamaican family get the f#$k out off the land my ancestors left 200 years ago, I’d be rightly treated as a goddamn loony, and quite possibly locked up.

    Yet Israelis think they can do the same thing with a 2000 year gap and it’s supposed to be the most normal thing in the world.

    Sorry, Israel. That shit is flying less and less. One day soon it’s not going to get off the ground at all. Better come to some kind of reasonable compromise with the Palestinians or you’ll find yourselves seriously alone and surrounded by people who are really, really pissed off with you. There is no way known that is going to end well.

  3. The United States should cut Israel–that criminal Zionist state–from its apron strings. What would Israel do then, without its sole protector to prop it up? . . .

    1. What would it do? Would it dry up and blow away or effect it's blackmail threats of nuking cities in the West? It's time to find out the answer to this question.

      1. The answer is it would never happen because Israel is already blackmailing the USA in numerous ways. Try explaining that to any devout Republican or Democrat.

  4. Remember that young woman protester who got run over by the Israeli bulldozer that was leveling Palestinian homes? It made the news for about a week before it was swept away. If there are rewards in the afterlife then that woman is sure to get one…

    1. Rachel Corrie i believe her name was. But but she was a terrorist! And… and … HOLOCAUST!!… oh and i can't leave out anti-Semite!!!! Oh and one last… NAZI! Okay did i get all the token Zionist insults out of the way? Oh yeh… SELF DEFENSE!! Bottle rockets!! There that should do it. Just throw in some stuff in between about terrorists, and mid easts only democracy.. oh and al-cia-duh cant forget them.

  5. ad hominem Horton strikes again… but he really has no counter argument so he sresorts to insults.

    “In reality, ad hominem is unrelated to sarcasm or personal abuse. Argumentum ad hominem is the logical fallacy of attempting to undermine a speaker’s argument by attacking the speaker instead of addressing the argument. The mere presence of a personal attack does not indicate ad hominem: the attack must be used for the purpose of undermining the argument, or otherwise the logical fallacy isn’t there. It is not a logical fallacy to attack someone; the fallacy comes from assuming that a personal attack is also necessarily an attack on that person’s arguments.”

    “You are just an ignorant twit.” This is an insult and it is abusive, but it is not an argument. Because it is not an argument, it cannot be a fallacy. Of course, that doesn’t mean that such personal insults are OK – just that when they appear alone, they aren’t logical fallacies.

  6. Nice interview, Scott.
    I will read her article to learn more about the population control tactics that will be implemented here over the next decade.

    Oh and by the way, what about the:
    decision was made to pull
    William Rodriguez
    dancing israelis
    atta with strippers and cocaine
    Pearl Harbor
    Smedley Butler ("war is a racket")
    etc. etc. etc?

    I dont know what your agenda is. You are too smart to be so willfully ignorant of historical realities.
    Yours in cognitive dissonance,
    Al Gomas

  7. what about the:
    nano-thermite ? (interesting paper needs independent verification)
    decision was made to pull (cleverly ambiguous remarks meant to provoke anti-semitic conspiracy theories)
    William Rodriguez (his implausible tales are unverified and uncorroborated–totally lacking in credibility)
    dancing israelis (the Mossad knew 9/11 was coming. EVERYBODY knew 9/11 was coming)
    atta with strippers and cocaine (Boys will be boys)

    Al Gomas, the cause of 9/11 Truth would be much better served if you would stick with the verifiable and newsworthy information, such as:

    *The Jersey Widows' 300 questions got only 27 answers from the 9/11 Commission.
    *Commissioners Kean and Hamilton wrote that the Commission was "set up to fail"
    *There was no effective air defense for 100 minutes. NORAD's shifting stories on this so upset the 9/11 Commission that they considered referring the issue for criminal investigation
    *975 architects and engineers want new investigations of the WTC incident
    *Condi Rice lied under oath to the 9/11 widows
    *NIST's 20 million investigation of the WTC "collapses" terminated its analysis at the moment of collapse inception and thus never addressed the most baffling aspects of that failure–rapidity, symmetry, totality, and the pulverization of the concrete

    1. Hey, Brian. There are, of course, many other verifiable facts that scream "conspiracy." But to me, it's the guilty behavior of the suspects that screams loudest. First they wanted no investigation, then a totally rigged investigation, then they refused to testify before the investigation, and finally Bush and Cheney testify, but only together and not under oath. I mean, c'mon! This is so obvious.

      And then there's squashing the SEC investigation of the put orders against the airline stocks. There's letting the bin Laden family and the Israeli movers get out of country without being questioned. Destroying the air traffic control tapes of 9/11. Shipping all the debris to China without allowing outside investigators to check it. Confiscating all the video tapes of the outside of the Pentagon. Are these the kind of things innocent people do?

      Then there's the impossible "evidence" that was "discovered," like the passports of two of the "hijackers." The phony "confession video" of a bin Laden who looked nothing like the real bin Laden. Doesn't the existence of such phony "evidence" point to the guilt of the people who created it? Well, who could have created it, except for the CIA or Mossad or a similar agency?

      It's baffling to me that smart, honest people like Scott and Eric Alterman don't agree, but maybe it's not that important. The obvious crimes of the empire; the things everyone agrees on are so awful that we don't really need to convict them of 9/11, too. But it would be nice.

  8. Hey BrianGood,
    "William Rodriguez totally lacking in credibility"? First time I have heard that. Proof?

    "Anti-semitic conspiracy theories"? Are you accusing me of racism?

  9. Thats all the Zionists can do when met with something they don't want to hear. "ANTI-SEMITE!" "HOLOCAUST!" "NAZI" insults are all they have as defense because there isn't a single thing the zionists do that is defensible. It couldn't be too far fetched to say the mossad had a hand in 9-11, especially with the revealing remarks from bibi (what a stupid nickname, i cant think of any other psychotic mass murderer that has a nickname like that) That 9-11 was GOOD for israel because we could now sympathize with their terrorist apartheid country that is "constantly under attack" yeh maybe if you didn't partake in constant ethnic cleansing and maintaining the worlds largest open air prison then you wouldn't be getting attacked at all!

    BrianGood go peddle you hasbara megaphoney b$ somewhere else, no one here is stupid enough to believe you.

  10. Thanks to the internet information is being diseminated, on a mass scale, showing just how absurd the whole idea of Israel is. I believe the next generation is going to wonder what the heck people were thinking when the created this disaster (yes, a lot of us are wondering that now).

    1. It just goes to show you what a historical "fluke" the creation of Israel really was. Europe was still in chaos and ruins, there were a lot of displaced persons there, the U.N. was in its infancy and didn't really represent Africa or Asia, it was an election year in the USA, Truman was desperate to get re-elected, the Jewish-American lobby exerted tremendous pressure on him, the Arab world was effectively muzzled and disenfranchised because of European imperialism, etc.. a kind of 'perfect storm' of unfortunate occurences. I doubt it would or could happen again today.

  11. I'm not sure how anyone who hasn't walked the walked, who hasn't lived and breathed the life in Israel and the West Bank like Ellen Cantarow has, who doesn't know the history like she does, can question her authority and "take" on the matter. It seems to me, as one who has never been there and is totally confused by the histor (just starting to make sense of it), that she would certainly be one of the go-to people for information on the matter. Otherwise, we are left with news and storytelling from the MSM. If that's all we had to go on, just shoot me now.

  12. DavidSpero, perhaps as you say the crimes of 9/11 are picayune compared to the crimes of empire, but the dishonesty of the official investigations, the total lack of accountability, and the failure of the news media to do any skeptical reporting show for a lie our belief that we live in an open and democratic society.

    AlGomas, I can't prove a negative. So i can't prove that there's no corroboration or verification for Willie's claims. I can only suggest that you ask him–and see how he reacts. When I asked him to provide details supporting his claim that he single-handedly rescued fifteen people and that his master key saved hundreds of lives he became bellicose and threatening–behavior you expect from a con-man but not from a hero. Willie's imposible tales have done enormous damage to the credibility of the truth movement.

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