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The Other Scott Horton (no relation), international human rights lawyer, professor and contributing editor at Harper’s magazine, discusses the Seton Hall report (pdf) that casts doubt on the “suicide” death of three Guantanamo inmates in 2006, the highly redacted and delayed release of the military’s cover-up investigation, indications that less than ten percent of all Gitmo prisoners may be serious terrorists, the legal immunity enjoyed by high governmental officials during the Bush and Obama administrations and why Justice Antonin Scalia’s Opus Dei affiliation may influence his views on torture.

MP3 here. (54:01)

The other Scott Horton is a Contributing Editor for Harper’s magazine where he writes the No Comment blog. A New York attorney known for his work in emerging markets and international law, especially human rights law and the law of armed conflict, Horton lectures at Columbia Law School. A life-long human rights advocate, Scott served as counsel to Andrei Sakharov and Elena Bonner, among other activists in the former Soviet Union.

He is a co-founder of the American University in Central Asia, and has been involved in some of the most significant foreign investment projects in the Central Eurasian region. Scott recently led a number of studies of abuse issues associated with the conduct of the war on terror for the New York City Bar Association, where he has chaired several committees, including, most recently, the Committee on International Law. He is also a member of the board of the National Institute of Military Justice, the Andrei Sakharov Foundation, the EurasiaGroup and the American Branch of the International Law Association.

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  1. Of course a blockade is an act of war. Blockade blockades vessels and goods of third countries. It is an act of war against the blockaded country, but it is a form of aggression even against the country the vessel is from.

    A no-fly zone is also an act of war. Who cares what the UN says. UN has no credibility. It is there to sanction the empire. About the same way altar used to be there to sanction the throne.

    1. That s how we provoked Japan in WWII. Blockades…we 'forced' them to react. Convenient how none of this ever makes it into the history books.

      Where did that huge peace movement go ?

  2. Bush, Blair and Fogh Rasmussen are war criminals who belong in court in Haag. And Obama too for his insane war in Afghanistan, continued occupation of Iraq and horendous, criminal, insane drone attacks in Pakistan. "Only 2 % of the people killed by drones are probably terrorists" says the US Military. They are so evil and morally bankrupt that it is a good idea that United Bluff goes totally broke. Then maybe they´ll begin minding their own business instead of building bases and pipelines in Turkmenistan, etc., etc.

  3. Of course blockading Iran is going to lead to Iran blockading the strait of hormouz, cutting off all gulf oil exports. And then the shitstorm will begin

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