Martin Chulov


Martin Chulov, Baghdad correspondent for the Guardian of London, discusses the ecological disaster in Iraq, diversion of water from the Tigris and Euphrates by Syria, Turkey and Iran, the fate of Iraq’s Marsh Arabs, greatly increased birth defects in Fallujah, the few remaining foreign journalists covering Iraq and the near-certainty that the US occupation will soon be over.

MP3 here. (31:00)

Martin Chulov is the Baghdad correspondent for the Guardian of London.

3 thoughts on “Martin Chulov”

  1. Seems like to me Sadam had drained a wetland before we attack Iraq . A lot of american farmers thought Sadams draining of a wetland was the real reason the United States bombed Iraq . Draining a wetland is considered a major crime here in rural america by our government . Now the neihbors have diverted Iraqs water so the wetland will soon be gone again . You dont suppose the US government will bomb the neihbors to restore the Iraqi wetland .

  2. Fatah also gets 500 million , while Israel may get 2.75 billion or more than 5 times what Fatah palestinians recieve . The little country of Georgia got 6 billion but Russia destroyed most of that in one week a couple of yrs ago . The country getting the most aid per person was Kosovo , they are not even a recognized country by most of the world . I serriously doubt Israel will ever see their 30 billiom either . I bet the Jews would settle for 10 billion real quick . Kosovo is run by a groupe of muslims that we used to call terrorists , I think they still are too . Both Israel and the United States are trying to strengthen Fatah , The aid for Fatah when they were the political party in power was generaly stolen and the people got tired of this and supported Hamas more . But Hamas does not want any kind of any peace agreement with Israel . So there is nobody to even deal with . Fatah will deal , but they may not have enough political power to be in the position of making a peace deal . and if they really did have the power they than would not want to follow through on their deal .

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