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Will Grigg, author of Liberty in Eclipse, discusses the RAND Corporation’s Army-commissioned study for a militarized “Stability Police Force,” the attempted legalized circumvention of Posse Comitatus and the end of distinction between civilian and military law enforcement, the slippery slope from a civilian criminal suspect to an enemy combatant and the tyrannical reign of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

MP3 here. (40:08)

Will Grigg writes the Pro Libertate blog and is the author of Liberty in Eclipse.

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  1. My best regards to Will Grigg. He’s doing yeoman work by keeping a harsh spotlight on police misconduct.

    The police insist on setting themselves above the people they’re supposed to “protect and serve.” Police “investigating” themselves (“internal review”)? That’s bullshit.

    There are two kinds of cop: One stands behind his shield, the other hides behind his. There are too many of the latter bastards.

  2. Spoiled by the usual problem with minorities – not so subtle anti-white bias. Why on earth characterize the American public's disregard for Afghans and Iraqis as being race-based ("dey just brown folks")? Does Grigg seriously believe 'brown' Americans, be they Mexicans, Filipinos, African-Americans, or Indians, are any more concerned about the sufferings of Iraqis and Afghans than are white Americans? Bull!

    Scott shoulda called him on it. Why racialise something than ain't racial, and why — if we are to look at the faces of the anti-war movement, or the people most willing to aid via affirmative action of international aid/charity — make villains of the group least villain?

    Even an otherwise impeccably Rothbardian libertarian, if black, just can't help blaming stuff on white racism, it seems.

    1. Nationalism and racism are the same scam. And I don't think Grigg (or myself) ever said or implied that brown Americans are immune from the wide-spread belief in this country that people who live in other countries don't have the right to not be killed like we do. Seems to me that many Americans aren't convinced foreigners are even really people at all.

      Our government loves this fact and tries to reinforce it as much as possible. That's why they always use official racial slurs to dehumanize their enemies.


      1. Grigg not so subtly put the blame on white people, and just as obviously gave 'brown' people a pass and a victimhood they don't deserve (he wouldn't have racialized the US-led invasion of Serbia): that's racism. If racism and nationalism are the same scam, that makes Grigg a nationalist: but we know he he isn't. Therefore we know racism and nationalism aren't the same, scams or otherwise.

        Nationalism ain't much more than saying 'this land is ours'; saying 'this land is ours' is nothing else but nationalism. To oppose nationalism, a people's right to control its homeland, is to license every variety of ethnic cleansing, colonization and imperialism.

        As to the bizarre idea that the government uses 'official racial slurs' to dehumnize its enemies, what nonsense! When? What are these 'official' slurs? Condy Rice even tried to claim it was racist to question whether US style 'democracy' was the form of government best suited or most desired by Iraqis.

  3. Not the first September 11th, but the second. I would count PInochet's coup d'état against democracy in Chile as the first. It was 9/11/1973.

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