Candace Gorman


Candace Gorman, Chicago civil rights attorney representing two Guantanamo detainees, discusses the delays in getting habeas corpus hearings for her clients, the inadequate health care afforded Gitmo inmates, Matthew Waxman‘s role in having “enemy combatant” status reviews redone until the results were favorable to the government, why detainees headed to Illinois will probably get military tribunals and Gorman’s own attempt to sue the NSA for tapping her phone.

MP3 here. (28:08)

Candace Gorman is an attorney for two Guantanamo detainees, runs The Guantanamo Blog and has written many articles for In These Times and the Huffington Post. She is the principal in the law firm of H. Candace Gorman. The firm concentrates in Civil Rights and employment litigation. The firm handles both individual and class action lawsuits for Plaintiffs under the various civil rights statutes, anti-discrimination laws and under ERISA. In 2004, Attorney Gorman argued and won a unanimous decision before the United States Supreme Court in Jones vs. R.R. Donnelley. Attorney Gorman has lectured widely on the subject of civil rights and employment litigation.

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